Introducing Auto Ship: Take One More Thing Off Your To-Do List

Auto Ship Jacuzzi Supplies At Aqua Paradise San Diego, CAWe all know what it is like to get busy!  We also know you bought your hot tub so you can relax and forget about the pressure a work filled day can bring. You did dozens of different things and by the time your work day is over, you just want slip into your hot tub. But wait. You worked so long and so hard you ran out of time to restock your hot tub supplies. That means you can still use your tub but the water quality could slip. Maybe you could buy something form the local big box but in the back of your mind you know its just not the same: your water feels different, its not as clear, and it can slowly damage your hot tubs equipment. So why not sign up for auto ship?

Here's how auto ship from Aqua Paradise works:

  1. Select the products you want
  2. Select the quantity of each product you want
  3. Select the frequency of which you need those products
  4. Check out like you normally would
  5. Now the products you select will automatically generate an order at the frequency you select.
  6. Then the payment gateway you choose to use will automatically charge your card on file
  7. Then an order is dropped into our system as ready to ship
  8. We package, ship, and you have one less thing to worry about

Plus, get free shipping on orders over $90. There is no contract, there is no risk. Checkout is handled through a secure payment gateway. You have the choice of using Paypal (which also accepts all forms of credit cards) or you can checkout without PayPal through our secure payment portal. On top of all that, you can cancel or modify your auto ship orders at any time prior to shipping!

Need nice clean new filters?

Running low on TRIO?

Time to replace your ClearRay Bulb?

Almost of of chlorine?

ProClarity Filter looking like it's seen it better  days?

Auto Ship is your answer!

Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or concerns at (858) 675-7727

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