Filter Features

Hydropool Swim Spas V Twin Swim Jets
V-Twin Swim Jets Features

It’s unlike any other swim jet on the market. Each V-twin Jet produces over 640 gallons per minute.

Hydropool Swim Spas Top Side Control
Top Side Control Features

Control different elementor of your swim spas with controls on the top side of your swim spas.

Hydropool Swim Spas Summer Cover With Tie Downs
Summer Cover With Tie Downs Features

A solar blanket for your swim spa.

Hydropool Swim Spas Stainless Steel Exercise Bar
Stainless Steel Exercise Bar Features

The 48″ bar can be mounted within the left side of the interior of the swim spa and is intended to act as a stabilizing bar for stretching and various other activities. Alternately, the Wall mount Exercise Bar can be installed on nearby walls for safety purposes as well.

Hydropool Swim Spas Soft Stride Floor Mat
Soft Stride Floor Mat Features

The swim tank features new soft stride mats on the floor and steps.

Hydropool Swim Spas Self Cleaning Technology
Self Cleaning Technology Features

The filtration jets and pump push the water and floating debris toward the high-flow skimmer and pre-filter, where the impurities are removed.

Hydropool Swim Spas Safety Steps
Safety Steps Features

Hydropool’s safety steps make entering and exiting your swim spa safe and easy.

Hydropool Swim Spas Round Swimjets
Round Swimjets Features

Swim Spas are designed with a unique configuration of jets, which allows you to choose the right one to target your sweet spot or rotate among them for total body relaxation

Hydropool Swim Spas Recessed Jets
Recessed Jets Features

Swim Spas are designed with a unique configuration of jets, which allows you to choose the right one to target your sweet spot, or rotate among them for total body relaxation

Hydropool Swim Spas Premium Hydrofall Pillows
Premium HydroFall Pillows Features

The only proper neck massage on the market.

Hydropool Swim Spas Patented Current Collector
Patented Current Collector Features

Our Current Collector Swim Current comes standard, so you’ll enjoy the best swim spa on the market.

Hydropool Swim Spas Led Lighting
LED Lighting Features

Swim Spas are illuminated with a variety of LED lights. Illuminated your swim spa to provide a safer and more enjoyable experience.

Hydropool Swim Spas Icommande System
iCommand System Features

The Smart Phone App is designed as a wireless hot tub control which allows you to pick the water care settings that fits your schedule, adjust filtration and temperature settings and create the ideal hot tub experience from inside your home.

Hydropool Swim Spas Surround Sound System
Hydropool Surround Sound System Features

Integrated into the Top Side Control, the Hydropool Surround Sound includes waterproof Bluetooth control at the touch of a button and a waterproof drawer to hold an MP3 player. Available on either Self Cleaning Hot Tubs or Swimspas

Hydropool Swim Spas Hydro Vfx Variable Speed Pumps
Hydro VFX Variable Speed Pumps Features

VFX variable speed swim pumps, one buoyancy pump, and V-Twin jet technology produce a current of over 1,400 gallons of water per minute, the highest volume of water in the industry.

Hydropool Swim Spas Ez Ultra Pure Ozone System
EZ Ultra Pure Ozone System Features

When mixed with water ozone is a highly effective oxidizer that assists in removing unwanted contaminants from the swim spa water.

Hydropool Swim Spas Everlast Cabinetry
Everlast Cabinetry Features

This premium quality cabinetry is installed onto a sturdy substructure for the ultimate in durability. In the unlikely event that you require access to the hot tub plumbing or equipment, all four panels are removable for easy service access.

Hydropool Swim Spas Dream Scents On Demand
DreamScents on Demand Features

As part of your total sensory hot tub experience, our state-of-the-art technology provides you with the chance to change the mood or enhance your experience at the push of a button. It injects just the right amount of aromatherapy essential oils.