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Hot Tub Delivery – Preparing For Delivery Of Your New Hot Tub


So you’re looking for a new hot tub?  Sometimes it is hard to figure where to start for your project.  There are a couple things to figure out before you start your shopping process.  Of course you need to figure out where you are planning on placing your new hot tub.  This is when you bring out the tape measure and decide on how much space you have to work with for your hot tub delivery.  You want to make sure you not only have space for the spa itself, but enough space for your steps in front, at least 18” on one of the two sides, and 18-48” on the back side to have the ability to properly function a cover removal device (more on this later).

Since you have that tape measure out, now is also a good time to take a look at your access for getting the spa in.  The majority of the time, a hot tub delivery is performed with the hot tub on its side.  This means if a spa is normally 36” tall, when its on its side it is now 36” wide.  For delivery purposes we like to have that number plus 2” to keep things moving smoothly.  We also need to make sure the same thing applies for overhead clearance (i.e. tree limbs, roof overhangs, patio covers, etc.).  While looking at this, take notice of any gas mains, air conditioners, or other obstacles that could make your hot tub delivery access a challenge.

jacuzzi j-495 hot tub delivery carlsbad, ca

Got all those things covered?  Good, but there is something else to think about.  Keep an eye out for steps and steep inclines.  The general rule of thumb is four steps can be handled with a standard delivery.  If you have more steps than that then you may need additional people or equipment for your hot tub delivery.  That said, spas typically cannot be delivered up/down a full flight of stairs.  As for steep inclines, if you feel like you are going to fall over going up or down that incline then the same rule applies.  You may need additional equipment and/or man power.

Now lets say you just simply don’t have access.  You cant come in through a neighbors property, you cant remove a section of fencing, you just cant make it work.  No problem.  Now this part sounds scary but its really not: you may need a crane.  Keep in mind most of the time a hot tub delivery can be handled with a small, $450 crane.  Most crane deliveries rarely need a crane larger than $900.  That said, in this case it is best to contact us so we can not only come out and take a look, but potentially schedule for a crane company to come out and take a look as well.  Truth be told, on delivery day, sometimes using a crane can be a lot of fun!


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