120v ClearRay Protect Ozone Generator AMP Style plug


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About 120v ClearRay Protect Ozone Generator AMP Style plug

120v ClearRay Protect Ozone Generator 6472-740

Get this Jacuzzi designed 120v ozone generator for your hot tub today.  These ozone systems are designed to be compatible with ClearRay UV Water Purification for the cleanest water possible. The ClearRay Protect ozone generator creates just enough ozone to make sure your water looks and feels it’s best without the destructive side effect of too much ozone. While most generators are just too much for most hot tubs, the 120v ClearRay Protect Ozone Generator is just right.

PLEASE NOTE: THIS HAS THE WHITE AMP STYLE PLUG, NOT THE DSMT STYLE PLUG. If you are unsure which style you need, please contact us.


The OEM 120v ClearRay Protect is compatible with the following models:

  • All 2016+ J-315 Models
  • All 2018+ J-210 Models
  • All 2018+ J-225 Models
  • All 2018+ J-215 Models
  • All 2018+ Prado Models
  • All 2018+ Alicia Models
  • All 4/2017+ Dover Models
  • All 2018+ Denali models
  • All 2018+ Tacoma models 
  • 2016+ Convertible 120/240v J-325 Models

Does NOT work on units that are dedicated 240v.

Works on spas with the following circuit board part numbers:

  • 6600-786
  • 6600-412
  • 6600-268
  • 6600-395
  • 6600-846

Please note: Its always very important to check the service tag on the side of any electrical component you are replacing.  Voltage run to the hot tub does not always dictate operating voltage of the component.


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