2007-2011 J-300/J-200 Collection 240v 2-Speed Pump

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About 2007-2011 J-300/J-200 Collection 240v 2-Speed Pump

OEM Jacuzzi 2-Speed Pump 6500-343

240v, 2.5 HP, 2 Speed 48 Frame.

This was generally used as pump #1 on most models

The pump wet end can be rotated to the appropriate angle for your application. jz-genuine-parts-logo.png

Replaces pump #1 on the following models:

  • 2002-July 2010 J-330 & J-335
  • 2002-July 2010 J-340 & J-345
  • 2002-July 2010 J-350 & J-355
  • 2002-July 2010 J-360 & J-365
  • 2002-July 2010 J-370 & J-375
  • 2002-2006 J-380 & J-385
  • 2005-July 2010 J-230
  • 2007-July 2010 J-270 & J-280
  • 2007 J-325
  • 2002-2004 J-320

Please Note: Universal mounting bracket part# 6000-532 will be required if you are replacing a motor with a fixed mounting bracket welded to the motor housing.  If your motor body has the mounting bracket welded to it, then you need the new style bracket (no modifications necessary).  If your motor body has a single strap wrapped around it and a single bolt hold that strap in place then you will not need the new style bracket as your spa is already equipped with it.  

Replaces all of the following part numbers: Gatsby S35A9-B, 6500-128, 6500-138, 6500-254, 6500-260, 6500-261, 6500-268, 6500-754, 6500-757, 6500-761, 6500-762, 6500-764, 6500-765, 6500-768

And these following models: Altamar, Austin, Bahia, Burlington, Calypso, Calypso I, Calypso II, Cameo, Camden, Capri, Caprio ST, Cayman, Certa, Corum, Cyprus, Hamilton, Hartford, Hawthorne, Madison, Marin, Majesta, Maxxus, Montego, Olympia, Optima, Palermo, Rio, Telluride, 240v J-325 (NOT for convertible models), J-330, J-335, J-340, J-345, J-350, J-355, J-360, J-365, J-370, J-375, J-380, J-385, J-230, J-270, J-280.


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