J-380/385 240v 1 speed, 48 frame, 2 HP Pump

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About J-380/385 240v 1 speed, 48 frame, 2 HP Pump

6500-349 Jet Pump

240v 2.0 HP 1 Speed 48 Frame (J-380-385 Pump 3).

Used on models build from 2002-2006

Existing part number 6500-349 has been replaced with current part numbers 6500-341fb (with fixed mounting bracket) or 6500-341 (without fixed mounting bracket, universal mounting bracket required for installation-sold here). 

Reminder: Universal mounting bracket part# 6000-532 will be required if you are replacing a motor with a fixed mounting bracket welded to the motor housing

Replaces parts numbers 6500-349, 6500-769, 6500-269


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