Jacuzzi ProClear Mineral Sanitizer


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OEM Part # 2890-185: ProClear Mineral Cartridge

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This is the perfect supplement to your sanitation routine. The ProClear Spa Mineral Santizer interacts with your spa shock, MPS, or TRIO #2 weekly packet to release a mild, natural sanitizer into the water. The benefit is lower demand from your chlorine sanitizer which in turn allows you to add less chemicals to the water. Your Mineral Sanitizer is designed to snap into the removable cap of your Jacuzzi Brand Hot Tub Filter.

Dont forget to replace your ProClear Mineral Stick every three to four months.  Longevity is based on how often your hot tub is used.  After three to four months, the silver coating on the beads contained within your cartridge will have dissipated and no longer active in your water.  Even though it will still appear as though your cartridge contains product, it will no longer be effective in keeping your water sanitary and free of bacteria.  Can’t remember how old is your ProClear Cartridge is? Take advantage of our auto-ship program and never forget to replace your mineral cartridge ever again!

Jacuzzi ProClear Mineral Sanitizer Nature 2 Part # 2890-185Make sure your ProClear Cartridge is installed into the filter connected to your circulation pump. This is the filter with the grate underneath and usually, but not always, the filter closest to your control panel. If you need help figuring out which filter to install your Jacuzzi ProClear Mineral Sanitizer, please contact us for assistance at 858-675-7727.

Please note: Only Jacuzzi’s J-300, J-400, J-500, and LX Collection Hot Tubs have the removable cap on top of the filter designed to accept and retain your mineral cartridge. If your J-300 Collection Hot Tub filter does not have this cap, then that means your filters are long due for replacement.  Upgrade to the latest style today here. For J-200 Collection Hot Tubs, order your Spa Frog Mineral sanitizer here.
ProClear Mineral Sanitizer is best used with chlorine sanitation systems. For bromine based systems, please use the Spa Frog Sanitizer you can order here.

Jacuzzi ProClear Mineral Sanitizer
ProClear is Jacuzzi's most popular supplemental sanitizer and the perfect way to lower sanitizer demand and use less chlorine.
Brand: Jacuzzi
Manufacturer: Jacuzzi
Model: 2890-18
Product ID: 2890-185
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