LX Jetface Conversion Kit

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About LX Jetface Conversion Kit

Jacuzzi LX Jet Conversion Kit

Converts 2002-2006 LX Rotating Jets to 2007+ versions. No More Broken Tabs!!
Kit includes one 2007+ LX Jet Part # 6541-470 and one Retainer Ring Part # 6541-471.

One kit needed for each jet conversion. Spa must be drained for install and please allow 24 hours for PVC cement to dry prior to refilling spa. 

Fits all J-300 Collection Hot Tubs built between 2002-2007


Turn power to spa off.
Drain spa until all LX Jets are exposed.
Remove all LX jets. Turn outer jetface ring clockwise until you feel the detent, then continue for an additional
1/8 turn until you feel it release from the jetback.
Remove any/all residual moisture that remains in each jetback. Jetback surface must be dry
Test fit one adapter ring in each jetback by inserting either tab into jetback slot A or B (Figure 1). This procedure
will allow you to determine where to apply PVC cement on the jetback to hold the adapter ring in
Working your way around the hot tub, remove one adapter ring at a time and apply PVC cement onto the
jetback surface in which it rests. Then, reinstall the adapter ring into the jetback and allow it to dry in place
for a minimum 5 minutes. Clean up excess cement with a shop towel before moving to the next jet location.
The New 2007 LX Jetface can only be inserted one way. Once you have inserted the jetface into the jetback,
turn jetface counter-clockwise to snap it in place. If you cannot turn the jetface, simply rotate jetface 180
degrees and try again.
Allow 24 hours for PVC Cement to cure before filling the spa.



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