Master TRIO 3-Month Kit for Jacuzzi Hot Tubs


SpaGuard TRIO Kit with 2 lb Chlorine Granule, pH Increaser & Decreaser, test strips, and ProClear Mineral Sanitizer

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Master Complete TRIO Kit

SpaGuard TRIO Kit Auto-ShipThis complete TRIO kit has everything you need to maintain fresh, clean, sanitary hot tub water for 3 months. This is designed for a hot tub that sees moderate use approximately three times a week and a hot tub that is 350-450 gallons in capacity. Includes the following:

Trio Kit

  • Packet #1 – Water Conditioner
  • (12) Packet #2 – Water Conditioner & Weekly Shock
  • Packet #3 – Plumbing and equipment purge

18 oz. pH Increaser Granular For Raising pH
22 oz. pH Decreaser Granular For Lower pH
Test Strips 50 Count
Jacuzzi ProClear Mineral Cartridge
2 lb. SpaGuard Chlorinating Granules

Spa care made easy! Simply balance your pH on fill up, install your Jacuzzi ProClear Cartridge, add your TRIO step #1 packet and you are on your way. Your pH level should be between 7.2 and 7.8.  If your pH is high just add the appropriate amount of pH decreaser (refer to the chart on your bottle of pH Decreaser) to bring it in line.  If it is low, use pH Increaser. Maintenance from here is just adding your sanitizer after each use then checking your pH weekly when you also add your TRIO step #2 packet. When its time to drain and refill your hot tub, super-chlorinate your water, add TRIO step #3, run for 20 minutes, then drain and refill. Only takes minutes a week!

This TRIO Kit also includes a ProClear Mineral Sanitizer from Jacuzzi Hot Tubs.  This cartridge contains a combinations of minerals that when combined with packet #2 from your TRIO Kit, repleases a mild sanitizer into your water.  This supplemental sanitizer not only helps to control and destroy bacteria, but it also it also helps lower sanitizer demand and adds to the nice soft feel of your water care TRIO Kit.

Water care tip: Make sure you spray out your filters once a month to maintain the cleanest hot tub water possible.

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