ProClarity Filter Part # 6473-161


ProClarity Filter # 6473-161

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ProClarity Depth Loading Filter Replacement part # 6473-161

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Your depth loading ProClarity Filter is a major component on select Jacuzzi water filtration systems. An average Remay, or pleated filter, is a surface loading material. This means it traps undesirable materials from your water on the outside. While these do a good job of keeping your water clean, they also may miss some of the dead skin,  oils, and dead bacteria that may ProClarity Filtration System See Through 6473-161otherwise go straight through the pleated material. ProClarity on the other hand absorbs these undesirables, particles up to ten times finer than normal what normal filters catch,  so that you dont have ultra fine particles in your water. This means cleaner, polished water. This also means you are bathing in the cleanest water possible.

When replacing your ProClarity Filter # 6473-161, be sure to install the filter with the solid side up within its filter compartment and over the plumbing fitting with the grate underneath. This designates it is connected to your circulaiton system and not your therapy jetting system.
ProClarity depth loading filter MUST be replaced every 3-4 months. These filters can not be sprayed out and reused as they absorb particles like a sponge. Attempting at cleaning these filters will result in your ProClarity Filter deteriorating into your water. Attempting to keep these filters longer than intended could also cause damage to your circulation system.

ProClarity Filter # 6473-161 is standard on all 2012+ J-400 Collection models as well as 2015+ J-500 Collection Spas.

6473-161 can be added to the following 2012+ J-300 Collection Hot Tubs as part of the ProClarity Filtration System:

  • J-335
  • J-345
  • J-355
  • J-365
  • J-375
  • J-385
  • As well as both LX Collection Hot Tubs

Not recommended for use on J-315 or J-325 Hot Tubs. Also not recommended for use on J-300 Collection Hot Tubs manufactured prior to 2012. These models use a low flow circulation pump and this could cause overheat issues with that circulation pump.

Jacuzzi ProClarity Filter
Replacement ProClarity Filter Part # 6473-161
Brand: Jacuzzi
Manufacturer: Jacuzzi
Model: 6473-161
Product ID: 6473-161
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