SunPurity Mineral Purifier 6890-780


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About SunPurity Mineral Purifier 6890-780

Sundance SunPurity Mineral Cartridge P/N 6890-780

SunPurity provides a high level of water purification for your spa. Made by Nature 2 and Zodiac specifically for Sundance Spas.

Sundance Spas SunPurity Mineral Cartridge leaves water clean, clear, and soft. An supplement to chlorine when used in combination with MPS (monopersulfate), the SunPurity cartridge fits into the bromine dispenser of the skimmer weir of 980, 880, and 780 Series hot tubs. It reduces the potential for unpleasant odors and residue lines, and can be used with your hot tubs ClearRay and/or ozone system.

Lasts up to four months. Not available outside of the U.S.

Note: The SunPurity requires only a small maintenance dose of non-chlorine oxidizer and should not be mixed with bromine and bromides. The SunPurity cartridge is not compatible with biguanides such as SoftSoak or BaquaSpa.


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