Ultimate fitness, ultimate relaxation and hydrotherapy, as well as the ultimate gathering place for your friends and family. That’s exactly what you get with the best swim spas in San Diego. Wait, there’s more. Powerful, adaptable, meticulously crafted, and beautifully designed. Give a warm welcome to the magnificent Marquis ATV 17′ Sport Swim Spa! Treat yourself to this top-of-the-line aqua spa, bring your workout to a whole new level, and soak the stress away! It’s time to make some waves!

Ultimate workout in your aqua spa:

Air or no air, the choice is yours

Leg kicks, rowing, swim strokes, heated-water exercise… you name it! Aquatic Training Vessels make any type of aquatic exercise possible, giving you an enhanced, personalized spa experience in San Diego – in the comfort of your own home! Whether you are looking for a turbulence-free swim experience without air, or a high-resistance, air-infused exercise, Marquis swim spas give you full control – with a simple turn of a dial. You’ll be able to customize resistance depending on your body type and body zones in seconds. Jet air flow adjustment has never been easier!  

Endless pools equal endless possibilities:

Now you can swim all year long!

No more sharing your swim and workout space with a crowd at the gym or a public pool. Now you can truly have some me-time with no one else around, unless you invite them over. It’s all about your needs and your preferences. Take control over the water temperature, adjust the swim current, and tailor your workout – all year round! Freestyle, butterfly, backstroke… in your 17 feet long swim spa, there’s plenty of room for it all, and more! With endless pools, the possibilities are truly endless.

Explore your workout options:

Low-impact exercise for strong and flexible joints


There’s much more to a swim spa workout than simply swimming in place! Get your heart rate up, build muscle, and burn those calories with a range of low-impact, resistance-based aquatic exercises! Use your water current and resistance bands for a completely different type of exercise routine. These low-impact movements will give you all the cardiovascular benefits of swimming without the added stress on your joints associated with high-impact exercise like running.

Want To Enhance your Marquis ATV and Your Swim Spa Experience?

Your spa can be even more versatile and fun to work out in with these awesome features:

  • BlueTooth Audio system w/ subwoofer, audio port, & remote
  • 22-point LED interior lights & 12-point fountains w/LED’s
  • Resistance/Rowing Kit, aqua aerobic step
  • Matching ATV steps and/or storage bench

Add these to your Marquis ATV for maximum fitness performance and ultimate swim spa experience in San Diego.


As a combination of a pool and a tub, an aqua spa brings the best of both worlds together: a place where you can work out, relax, and have family fun! With so much space and so many amazing features, Marquis ATV 17' Sport Swim Spa will give you an unparalleled experience year-round, for many years to come!

Did you know that swim spas cost tens of thousands of dollars less than swimming pools? Go for a more affordable and practical option and get an ultimate workout experience!

Spools, exercise pools, endless pools, swimming hot tubs… these all fall under the same category. What is the first thing that crosses your mind when you think of swim spas?

Use your spa or Jacuzzi as your own aquatic gym. Have a personalized workout in the comfort of your home! Get in shape, relax and have lots of fun – all at the same time!

Powerful adjustable jets, exciting features, LED spa lighting, a high-performance heater, and so much more will make you want to use your Marquis swim spa all year round!

Unlike in-ground pools, swim spas don’t require lots of preparation! Whether it’s in a small backyard, inside your home, above or in-ground, your swim spa comes with no-hassle installation!

A swim spa is also an amazing gathering place for your family and friends. Now you have the cool hangout spot where all of you will be endlessly entertained, together!

There is a wide range of swim spas that San Diego residents can choose from depending on their exercise needs. Check out our selection and find your perfect fit.

Swim spa owners love their spas because they are versatile & practical. From effective workouts to hydrotherapy, they offer a number of health benefits.

#1 Hot tubs and swim spas for sale in San Diego

As you can see, in your Marquis ATV swim spa, you can exercise any way you like - all sorts of swimming styles and vigorous workouts that cross your mind. Those powerful jets will not only tone your muscles, but also ease the pain in any aching part of your body. What’s more, your swim spa is portable, easy to maintain, and made from top-quality materials. These are only a few perks the best swim spas in San Diego can provide. Time to discover the rest! Reach out to Aqua Paradise for first-rate endless pools in San Diego and enhance the quality of your life!

Your go-to place in San Diego for all your hot tub & spa needs

Are you more interested in having a good soak in the tub than a vigorous workout? Perhaps you are looking for 2-person hot tubs in Oceanside, pre-owned or new Jacuzzi hot tubs in San Marcos. Whatever your hot tub or spa needs are, look no further than Aqua Paradise!

Our vast selection of premier spas and hot tubs in San Diego includes but is not limited to Marquis swim spas. We are a reputable, authorized Jacuzzi service center and dealer, and we can also provide you with chemicals and other supplies for your hot tub or spa in San Diego! Call us or come by one of our showrooms in San Diego, Carlsbad or Rancho Bernardo, and our pleasant, knowledgeable and experienced team will tend to your every hot tub or spa need.

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