A Short Guide on How to Choose Your Perfect Hot Tub by Shape

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You’ve fallen in love with the luxurious and unrivaled experience that is the hot tub. We completely understand, – hot tubs are second to none as endless sources of pleasure and stress relief. You simply deserve one in your home, but deciding which one to get is a conundrum. Maybe 4 person hot tubs are a bit over the top, but then again, why not get one just in case, perhaps a 4 person round hot tub?

But the dilemma does not end there. In fact, there are so many hot tubs shapes and sizes to choose from that it’ll make your head spin – rectangular, square, round, custom-made, you name it! Check out our short guide on how to choose a hot tub so that all your needs are satisfied, and your enjoyment guaranteed!

Think about the primary use of your hot tub

You need to choose the hot tub size and shape according to how you intend to use it. For example, if you intend to use it as a family, a 4 person round hot tub would be a great choice. The rectangular shape works really well too, depending on the other features of the surrounding area.

In case you’re focused on one-person hydrotherapy, a triangle option could turn out to be the best choice. Nevertheless, a round spa is the best in maximizing the available space, whether you choose to install it in the privacy of your home or as a part of your backyard getaway.

Carefully plan the hot tub installation location

Choosing a perfect hot tub shape mostly depends on the characteristics of the area where you intend to install it, as well as the space you are limited to. A 4 person round hot tub might not fit in your bathroom, but could work neatly near the outside patio. Just imagine spending magical summer nights with friends, gushing over your very own spa hideaway in the privacy of your backyard!

Also, pay attention to the position of the other outdoor items relative to the hot tub. For safety reasons, It is not a very good idea to place the hot tub near the kids’ backyard playground, even if the tub is not in use at the moment.

Visual appeal does matter

At the end of the day, the practical circumstances you cannot change override your wishes when choosing a hot tube shape. A perfect spa experience can only be achieved if you are content with both the appearance and the performance of your hot tub.

People are visual creatures, which is why aesthetics affects our level of enjoyment to a great extent. A simple “I just love the way it looks” could change your decision from a rectangle-shaped hot tub for 2 to a 4 person round hot tub!

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