Get in Shape with These Easy and Effective Hot Tub Exercises, Part 2

Choosing the best hot tubs Oceanside can offer has many advantages. Hot tubs are great for relaxation, hydrotherapy, and pleasure. As a proud Jacuzzi owner, you often cannot wait to get home and dip your toes into your hot tub. With a number of health benefits also comes a myriad of possibilities. We’re not only talking about having fun with your friends or reading a book; your tub can also become a place where you work out!

In our last article, we’ve presented several easy and effective exercises you can do in your Jacuzzi. Now we have a few more!

Tone your arms with arm circles

Keep your arms partly submerged and extend them completely out just like airplane wings. Now lift the arms out of the water at a slow pace and then rotate them forward. After you do five of these rotations, do another five in the opposite direction. Perform three sets of this simple and fun exercise and you will feel your biceps, triceps, shoulders and chest getting stronger day by day!

Rotate your torso

Now it’s time to tone your abs! You can either sit on a seat of the tub or kneel on the floor, making sure your back is straight. Place your hands on your sides and tighten your abdominal muscles. First rotate slowly to your left and then to your right side, exhaling as you twist and inhaling as you come back to center. Do 20 to 30 of these twists for three sets.

Do thigh presses

You don’t need a resistance band to keep your inner thighs in shape! Use the water’s resistance to build power and strength instead! Sit in the corner of your Jacuzzi and hold on to the edge with both hands.

Push the hands to apply resistance to your knees as you extend your legs in front of you, slowly opening them to work inner and outer muscles of your thighs. Then close your legs and bring them together. Start with two sets of 20 repetitions.

Sit and stand

Use the seat of your hot tub instead of a chair and increase your squat max without putting a strain on your knees! Tilt your hips back and extend both of your arms for balance. Then slowly sit back but make sure that you pause halfway down.

Contract your abs and press your hips forward while returning to a standing position. Do not lock your knees to avoid putting stress on the joints. Do three sets of 15-20 repetitions.

Stretch it out

After you finish your hot tub workout routine, don’t forget to stretch! A good stretch after a workout increases flexibility and range of motion and helps reduce muscle fatigue. Start in a standing position and bend one knee to grab the foot behind you.

For a deep quadriceps stretch, keep the bent knee as close as you can to your standing leg. Hold onto the wall of your tub with one hand for support. Stay in that position for 30-45 seconds and then repeat it with the other leg.

To stretch your shoulders, back and torso, grip the wall with both of your feet and bring your hips as far as possible from your hands toward the center of your tub. Contract your core and flatten your back as you reach through your shoulder blade and arms with your face toward the water.

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