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The Truth About Saltwater Chlorine Generators


Sifting through a sea of information on saltwater chlorine water care systems

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  • Saltwater sanitation just uses electrolysis to convert salt into chlorine.
  • As we know, salt, at any level, is corrosive by nature and this is multiplied in a hot water environment
  • Salt cells require zero calcium content in the water to prevent scaling creating. This creates an even more corrosive environment. Water requires calcium to stay balanced and if there is zero calcium in your hot tub water it will leach calcium from heaters, pump seals, and o-rings. Low calcium will also cause pH bounce which makes it harder to keep your water balanced. A calcium remover must be purchased as well to achieve these low calcium levels. There is a reason chemical companies make calcium booster.
  • Salt cells need to be acid washed every 3 months to remain effective.
  • Salt cells need to be replaced every 2 years at a cost of up to $700
  • Balancing pH, alkalinity, and shocking your water is still required.
  • Water only feels softer due to low calcium levels. This can also be achieved using ProClear Plus or TRIO
  • Chlorine generators maintain 5-6 ppm worth of chlorine.

So what do we take away from all of this? Well first and foremost, the myth that a salt water system requires less maintenance would be false. Not only do you have to maintain your water’s pH, alkalinity, calcium levels, and shock the water regularly but you also have to care for the salt cell. Also, don’t forget, the electronics will need to be setup and tweaked depending on use. So while maintenance doesn’t go away, you get to spend extra money for the system and if not used properly could result in damage to other components in the hot tub.

You might be wondering what you should do then to make water care easier. Well, first using a good UV System like ClearRay or an Ozone Generator can help keep water looking its best. Then water conditioners like TRIO or ProClear Plus are not only less expensive than salt systems, but they will also give you that salt feel without the negative salt side effects.


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