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Cloudy Hot Tub Water – Why Is My Hot Tub Water Cloudy?


If you head to your hot tub for a relaxing dip, only to find your water looking less than clean, it’s a sure sign that your spa needs a little TLC.

Cloudy hot tub water can often be fixed with a chemical treatment. If your water is just a little bit dirty, a hot tub shock should take care of the problem. Used to prevent foam and cloudiness, it’s also the ideal way to get rid of it.

How to Treat Cloudy Hot Tub Water

If adding shock doesn’t clear the water, that’s a good indicator that your hot tub needs some extra attention. The first step is to drain the water, then give your spa a thorough cleaning and your filter a rinse.

After refilling your spa, test the water, add the necessary chemicals and allow the water to circulate overnight. In the morning, test the water again to ensure the pH and alkalinity levels are balanced. The final step is to give the shell and cover a good scrub down.

If the water still looks murky, it’s time to call in the experts for an assessment. Another thing you should have in mind is that if you find your spa water is cloudy more often, it may be time to replace your filter, and that’s where hot tub experts can help you as well.

A new filter can make all the difference in keeping your water clean and clear.

What Causes Cloudiness?

The primary culprit of foam or cloudy hot tub water is failing to sanitize your hot tub water weekly or after heavy use, such as a hot tub party.

There are several sources for surfactant build-up. The most common are:

  • Chemical levels — Too much or too little chlorine, low calcium or too much pH or alkaline can lead to cloudy hot tub water. Testing your water to see if it is out of balance will determine what it’s lacking — or what it has too much of.
  • Using cheap chemicals — Using chemicals that aren’t meant for hot tubs or purchasing cheap knock-offs can harm your water’s balance. Be sure to pick up supplies from a reputable dealer.
  • Personal care products — Sunscreen, lotions, shampoo, soap, makeup, and even laundry detergent leave our bodies and swimsuits when we use the hot tub. As these personal care products build up in the water, they cause a film or cloudiness to appear. Using natural products without scent can help eliminate this problem as can having a quick shower or wash (without any products) prior to using your spa.
  • Regular use — If you’re in your spa frequently, you yourself could be the source of the problem related to cloudy hot tub water. When you soak, you naturally shed dead skin cells as well as oil from your skin. If you use your spa a lot, you may need to balance your spa’s water twice a week.
  • Food or drink — If you bring snacks or drinks with you to the hot tub, crumbs and spills could be the culprit. Avoid snacks that lead to crumbs and avoid filling glasses too full to avoid unnecessary contamination.

Spa Maintenance

To keep your hot tub running at its best and without cloudy hot tub water inside, you should:

  1. Have a weekly cleaning schedule.
  2. Use the right chemicals to treat the water.
  3. Rinse and replace the filter as needed.
  4. Drain and clean your tub once every three to four months.

Religiously following a maintenance schedule means you’ll not only enjoy your spa now but for many years to come.

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