covermate 1 cover lifter on a Jacuzzi

CoverMate 1 (CM1)

Definitely our most popular cover lifter and the most popular of our hot tub accessories! The CoverMate 1 cover lifter fits perfectly on all of our J-200, J-300, and LX Collection Hot Tubs. This uses two mold injected, single piece mounting brackets that attach to each side of the hot tub. Then an aluminium bar along the cover's hinge assists in folding the cover back behind the spa and dropping it partially behind the spa. You will need between 14-18" of clearance behind the hot tub depending on model. Please contact us for details.

CoverMate 3 (CM3)

The CoverMate 3 is the exclusive cover assist system for our J-400 and J-500 Collections. While also an optional upgrade on the remainder of our other hot tub models, the hydraulic shocks on our CM3 cover lifter make opening and closing your hot tub cover a piece of cake. On J-200, J-300, and LX Collection spas you need just 12" of clearance while on J-400 and J-500 models you will need between 18-24" of backside clearance for the cover to articulate.

covermate 3 cover lifter on a Jacuzzi
Mod Step Hot Tub Steps

The Mod Step

Since not all hot tubs and people are the same height, Leisure Concepts has brought to you the Mod Step. This modular design allows you to select the number of vertical steps (one, two, three, or four), then whether you would like an assist rail on the side or back. You can even connect multiple steps for lots of extra space.


The Durastep is our most commonly used hot tub step and of our hot tub accesspries. This step is offered in three variations of color to match Jacuzzi's synthetic cabinets. These colors include: Portobello, Espresso, and Walnut Teak. tested up to 700 lbs, these steps lock together to ultimately make a 15"H x 27"W x 26"D hot tub step.

durastep hot tub step
Hot Tub Accessories | Jacuzzi ProLast Umbrella

ProLast Umbrella

The newest addition to our hot tub accessories, the Spa Side ProLast Umbrella is designed to accent your hot tub perfectly.  Manufactured using the exact same ProLast out door fabric as Jacuzzi's ProLast Spa Covers, this umbrella is the perfect addition to keep you in hot water and out of the sun.