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Foamy Hot Tub Water – 5 Best Tips On How To Deal With It


Many of us remember bubbly bathtub water with a smile on our faces, and kids these days seem to love it too.
However, when it comes to hot tubs, foamy hot tub water is nothing to look forward to.

Cloudy or foamy hot tub water may indicate a chemical imbalance, so it’s crucial to understand what causes this problem and how to resolve it effectively.

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What causes foamy hot tubs water?

Are you a proud owner of a quality hot tub with hydro jets? There are several causes why your hot tub water may have turned foamy:

  1. Soap, lotions, shampoo, and sunscreen residues
  2. Fallen leaves and other sorts of debris that haven’t been properly removed from the hot tub water
  3. Improper chemical balance
  4. Low calcium levels in the hot tub water

Making sure your hot tub water is always impeccably clean is crucial before you can take a relaxing soak, so make sure to address issues such as foamy hot tub water quickly and efficiently.

Otherwise, you might end up growing a pool of bacteria or an out-of-control chemical bath unsafe for us for both adults and children.

How to effectively clean your hot tub of foaming water and prepare it for a soak?

Luckily for hot tub owners, foamy hot tub water can be taken care of and completely avoided by taking these preventive steps:

1. Set soaking time rules for your family and guests

To ensure a human factor is prevented from negatively affecting your tub water, set a few ground rules that every bather will have to follow.

These should include showering before getting into the hot tub to remove dirt, sweat, and other lotions. Bathing suits should also be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly.

2. Set basic hot tub safety rules

Have you already made some basic safety rules for the children using the hot tub?

Make sure to let them know how to help keep the hot tub water clean and safe for bathing as well.

Visiting the restroom prior to taking a dip and monitoring what toys enter the hot tub, will help them understand how to help keep the water as clean as possible.

3. Regularly clean your pool water and get a hot tub cover

When it comes to foamy hot tub water, it’s important to do everything you can to prevent this and similar issues.

Make sure to regularly clean your pool water from any nature gifts, such as leaves, grass, insects, or other debris.

Choosing a high-quality hot tub cover can help you keep unwanted visitors out, but opening it and letting the tub to “breathe” from time to time can help you keep the foamy hot tub water at bay, too.

4. Don’t try to save on hot tub chemicals

Cheap or improperly used chemicals (too much or too little) can cause alarming disbalance in your hot tub water, causing it to turn cloudy and foamy.

Also, be aware that chemicals that are specifically designed for pools might actually end up damaging your spa or giving you unwanted results.

5. Choose a strong filtration system

When purchasing a hot tub, make sure to check the filtration system.

A strong, well-advanced filtration system will help you keep your tub clean and safe.

Get professional help and keep your hot tub in ship shape!

A hot tub in your home guarantees great times, fun, and relaxation.

Don’t forget, though, that you can’t fully enjoy your hot tub without proper care and maintenance.

Monitoring your hot tub water and reacting promptly when you notice something is amiss is crucial to making sure your guests and the hot tub is safe for use.

Contact Aqua Paradise today to get more information about how to appropriately maintain your hot tub and eliminate common problems affecting hot tubs-foaming water.

We are always ready to provide useful advice and expert assistance!


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