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Buying a Hot Tub? Discover More About Hydro Jets Here!


A hot tub with hydro jets can be an invaluable addition to your home life.

Are you looking for a massage that will help you relax and release the tension, or for the pain relief and therapeutic benefits such a treatment can provide?

Whatever your reason, here are a few pieces of advice on purchasing high-quality, effective hydro jets hot tubs in San Diego.

Consult a hot tub expert

Looking for a hot tub that is just right for you requires some research, but asking your dependable Jacuzzi Hot Tub dealer to help you out with this purchase is definitely a good idea.

An experienced professional will be able to give valid advice and concrete suggestions, providing you with the best solution hand-picked to fit your needs and wishes.

While you’re at it, make sure to ask your hot tub expert how to properly maintain your hot tub with hydro jets, how to prevent tub water from getting foamy, how to decide on the best hot tub cover, and how to keep the children safe around the hot tub at all times.

Follow the needs of your body

Buying the most beautiful tub in the store can make you really happy, but will it do the trick? When picking a hot tub with hydro jets, make sure you respect the needs of your body before anything else.

Are you looking for massagers that will help your back after a long day at the office?

Perhaps you need your feet to be the center of attention, as you stand a lot during the day?

Do you have a sore hip, feel neck pain, or have any other health trouble massagers could help with?

When choosing your dream tub, make sure that jets are strategically placed in a way that allows you to get the best of them.

How to choose the type of jets?

As their name suggests, stationary jets cannot be moved or adjusted in any way. Adjustable jets, on the other hand, allow you to have a more personalized message, as they can be altered to target the specific areas of your body.

When looking for a hot tub with hydro jets, how to choose the right number of hydro jets? Like many other hot tub aspects, this one also depends on your preferences.

Adjustable jets are more versatile, and since they can be moved and directed wherever you want them, a smaller number of them can do the job really well.

On the other hand, if you decide to go for stationary jets, perhaps it would be a good idea to choose a tub model with a larger number of strategically placed fixed massagers.

Just keep in mind that more jets do not automatically equal a better hydromassage.  

Testing the jets with your hands or taking a soak test will help you determine the best type of jets for your needs.

Pay attention to the pump

A massaging experience doesn’t depend solely on the type and number of hydro jets. It is also very important to check the power of the pump provided with your desired hot tub that has hydro jets.

A weaker pump will not be able to run the jets in a way that will ensure you the best massage, and its effects will not be as potent as they should, so make sure to check this with your hot tub dealer.

Looking for the finest hot tub with hydro jets for your San Diego home?

Here at Aqua Paradise you will find everything you are looking for, from top-notch hot tubs to high-class equipment and an experienced maintenance team.

Our professional staff is ready to assist you in every way you need.

Contact us today, or visit one of our well-equipped stores in San Diego, Carlsbad, or Rancho Bernardo.

We are here to ensure the best possible hot tub experience.


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