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How to Increase Energy Efficiency of Your Hot Tub or Spa, Part 2


Spending time in your hot tub or spa can help recharge your batteries, improve and maintain your well-being long after your spa holiday is over. If you want not only to enhance your health, but also to boost the energy efficiency of your tub or spa, learn what makes San Diego hot tubs eco-friendly.

In our previous article, we provided some practical energy conservation tips. Read on for a few more!

Hot tub & spa heater

The purpose of hot tub heaters is to maintain constant temperature regardless of the outside temperature. They heat up and transfer the heat to the water in your tub/spa.

Most of the heaters boast solid performance and are quite energy efficient. However, the energy consumption will depend on your (un)wise usage. If you use your hot tub or spa regularly, it’s better to keep it running at a set temperature you enjoy the most. This way, you will actually save energy, and money.

If you turn the heater down after using the tub only to turn it up before your next dip, you will put too much strain on the heating element. There will be little energy savings, since the heater will have to work harder in order to increase the temperature.

On the other hand, if you’re planning an extended vacation or simply won’t be using the hot tub for a longer period of time, then it’s a good idea to reduce the temperature.

Hot tub & spa pump

Some spas have one two-speed pump, which is used both for a low-speed circulation in a steady-state mode and for a high-speed operation for jet action. These pumps are not very energy efficient.

There are also spas with two separate pumps: a low-speed one for continuous circulation and a high-speed pump for jet action. These are the spas with the most efficient pumping systems. Though the initial cost is a bit higher, improved controls and the optimization of the circulation pump allow energy savings during steady-state operation.

There’s a range of energy-efficient spa pumps on the market that can be up to 50 percent more efficient than standard pump motors. These pumps function with reduced amperage draw and have larger capacitors. To optimize the energy usage even more, make adjustments to the timer so that the pumping system operates fewer hours at high speed.

Hot tub & spa air jets and blowers

Every hot tub or spa owner enjoys supreme hydro-therapy. However, air blowers, as well as air jets tend to cool off the water in your tub or spa.

To raise water temperature, your heater will have to work a bit harder. Though the energy impact will be slight, you should remember to turn off your air blowers and jets when not in use.

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