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How to Increase Energy Efficiency of Your Hot Tub or Spa, Part 1


A hot tub provides the ultimate luxurious experience in your own home. A hot tub or spa is truly a unique getaway, a place where you can relax after a long day at work and enable your body and mind to recover.

You may wonder if spas and hot tubs San Diego residents love can boost your energy and be energy efficient at the same time. The good news is yes, they can!

To find out how, read on for a few useful tips and achieve a greater hot tub or spa energy efficiency.

Hot tub & spa insulation

The purpose of thermal insulation is to reduce heat loss and, if rigid foam insulation is used, it can also provide physical support to the hot tub’s plumbing. This greatly increases the life of plumbing components due to a reduction in vibration.

Nowadays, manufacturers use high-quality insulation materials, more advanced methods of applying them, as well as energy efficient heaters, pumps, and blowers to ensure greater gains in energy efficiency.

Hot tub & spa walls

Though usually insulated, hot tub and spa walls can be a source of energy loss. This is why San Diego residents usually go for hot tubs that have full foam insulation.

The foam is injected between the spa cabinet and shell. High levels of quality, thickness and density of the foam reduce heat transfer. Therefore, temperature loss out the bottom and sides will be negligible.

Hot tub & spa cover

As your cover ages, it will begin to fail in keeping your spa’s heat in. A high-quality hot tub/spa cover is an important investment that makes a huge difference in the energy a hot tub or spa consumes.

It’s always best to go for a well-constructed cover with a greater R-value that will dramatically reduce the energy usage of your hot tub or spa. You can choose from a wide selection of foam, material and color options for your new energy-efficient cover.

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