Hot Tub Maintenance

Tip & Tricks

Learning Easy Water Care, Water Quality Maintenance, and Spa Water Balance Is Easier Than You Think!

Try the following:
1. Use Cover Care or 303 Protectant on your Jacuzzi’s pillows to help them last longer
2. Use Cover Care or 303 Protectant on your Jacuzzi’s synthetic (not wood!) cabinet can help restore it’s original shine
3. Keeping your waterfall turned off when your cover is closed will help prevent premature wear on the bottom of your spa’s cover

Try the following:
1. Keeping your filters clean (spray them out every 2-4 weeks, soak them in filter cleaner every 3and replacing them regularly will not only keep your hot tub water cleaner but it will help reduce wear on your pumps
2. Draining your Jacuzzi’s water every 3-4 months is a cheap, easy way to ensure you are not damaging hot tub components or unnecessarily wasting money on extra chemicals. If you can no longer balance your Ph, it is a good idea to drain it

1. Press the JETS 1 button to make certain the pump #1 is on high speed.
2. Depress the air control to the “on” position.
3. Check for dirty filter. Clean, if necessary.
4. Make sure jets are all the way open.

Reduce thermostat setting so the circulation pump turns off, use economy mode, and/or prop open your cover an inch or two so that your spa can breathe a little.  Certain models can even program filtration cycles so that they only occur at night. 

1. Filling your spa using a filter filler (part # 6540-329) will help prevent air lock.
2. Using Spa Defender or some other calcium inhibitor will help keep your motors and valves functioning properly.
3. Using Metal Gon upon fill up can prevent damaging metal and mineral deposits from forming on your hot tub’s equipment.

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