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How to Cool Off in Your Hot Tub This Summer – 5 Top Tips


Whether you are an active type or you prefer to chill and relax in the sun when the temperatures start rising, means to cool off will definitely be on your mind a lot.

Maybe you’re looking for premier hot tubs in Escondido, and want to benefit from owning one of the best portable hot tubs in your own backyard, but trying to cool off in a hot tub – that’s a strange idea, right? Not at all!

With a proper approach, using a hot tub in the summer will be an activity you’ll wish you’ve known of all your life all you need to do is follow these simple steps.

1. Set the right spa water temperature

How can you possibly keep a hot tub cool? As your average body temperature is roughly between 97-99 degrees Fahrenheit, setting a hot tub temperature a bit below these values will make the water warm enough to feel comfortable, but a bit chilly when getting in.

Setting the temperature between 90-95 degrees will feel even more refreshing. Try it out until you find your ideal temperature.

Keep in mind that the highest recommended temperature for the best portable hot tubs is 104 degrees, so during a hot summer day, keeping your water temperature at 100 degrees is best for most. To help prevent it from rising above this temperature, make sure you set your primary filtration cycles to operate during the cooler hours of the night and morning.

2. Getting in and out of water

Just like you shouldn’t jump into the cold pool water when you feel like you are burning up, you should let your body cool off before entering a hot tub, too. Let some time pass between finishing your exercise or bodywork, and soaking – the time is right when you stop sweating and your pulse is normal again.

Also, go slowly while getting in and out of the water.

3. Stay hydrated

When soaking or swimming, just because we are being surrounded with water, we tend to forget that hydration is the key. Do not make such an oversight – make sure you drink enough water before, during and after soaking in a hot tub.

4. Keep a cool head (literally)

Remember that water attracts sunlight, and sunlight can be really unforgiving during the summer. Make sure you protect your skin and hair – apply some sunscreen before getting in the water and always wear a hat or set a hot tub under a sunshade.

You can also soak a small towel in cold water and use it to cool off your forehead.

5. Go for a dip – at night!

Allow yourself to enjoy one of the best portable hot tubs even after the sun sets – it can be even more refreshing! If you are active and too busy during the day, sundown and nighttime can be just the time for you to relax this way. Pour yourself a drink, dip in, and enjoy!

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