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Key Benefits of Having an Outdoor Hot Tub or Spa in Your Backyard


Spas and hot tubs are an indispensable feature of many health retreats, resorts and tropical islands but they can also be a focal point of your very own backyard! The best outdoor hot tubs Escondido can offer will add value to your house and provide a myriad of benefits. They are a perfect way to add a “wow” factor to your backyard and help you relax and enjoy great California weather. Read on to find out how!

Recovery after exercise

Numerous sporting professionals use hydrotherapy for recovery and rehabilitation of healing joints and muscles. Hydro massage therapy and the warm water help remove lactic acid and release tense muscles, as well as improve blood flow, aiding in releasing toxins from your body.

Spending time in a hot tub or spa also prevents injury, relieves pain, promotes recovery from an injury and supports aging muscles and joints. Feel free to enjoy these benefits, as well! Hop in your Jacuzzi after a workout to relax and rejuvenate your body!

Hot tub exercise

Not only that you can use your hot tub after a workout but you can also use it for exercise! There are plenty of low impact exercises you can do in your outdoor hot tub or spa that increase strength, flexibility and muscle tone, improve circulation and help burn body fat.

Use the water’s resistance to achieve your fitness goals with less stress on your muscles and joints! And if you want to take your fitness routine to a whole new level, choose one of Marquis swim spas that will offer you a comprehensive hydrotherapy massage and a totally different type of exercise experience!

Better sleep

Spending time in your outdoor hot tub or spa about an hour before going to bed is a healthy way to reduce stress and relax both your body and mind. The warm water will slow down your heart rate and increase your body temperature.

The minute you get out of your Jacuzzi, your body will start cooling down in the same way that your body temperature begins to drop as you fall asleep. Therefore, sitting in your outdoor hot tub or spa can support sleep by helping achieve the optimal body temperature for sleep.

This factor, along with the relaxation your Jacuzzi provides, helps you fall asleep faster, as well as improves sleep quality. Powerful massage jets will take away your worries, aches and pains, providing you with some quiet time and setting the mood for a good night’s sleep. The best hot tubs Escondido can offer will see to it that there are no more restless nights to worry about!

Quality time with family and friends

Top quality hot tubs Escondido homeowners rely on can also provide them with the ultimate hot tub experience and entertainment benefits. It’s time to bring your friends and family together and socialize!

There are tons of interesting and fun things to do in an outdoor hot tub or spa with your loved ones. Unplug from your phone and other electronic devices and invite people who enrich your life to join you in your outdoor hot tub or spa.

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