Why Are Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs San Diego's Favorite Spas?

When people mean ÔÇťhot tubÔÇŁ, they often say ÔÇťJacuzzi┬«ÔÇŁ. ThatÔÇÖs how well-known this brand is. They invented the portable hydrotherapy pump technology more than 60 years ago and put the hot tub industry in motion. However, brandÔÇÖs recognition doesnÔÇÖt rest on past glory.

Jacuzzi® hot tubs adhere to strict industry standards, enabling them to hold their steadfast position in the top tier of world hot tub manufacturers. In fact, it could be said that all hot tubs are measured against Jacuzzi® innovations.

  • Jets with a unique mix of water and air providing unparalleled high-flow low-pressure hydro-massage
  • Optimally placed and personally adjustable jets that provide relief, recovery and relaxation, as necessary
  • Ergonomic seating aimed to amplify the experience
  • Exceptionally engineered parts designed to be withstand the test of time

Jacuzzi® meets Title 20 standards when it comes to energy-efficiency. Produced to withstand extreme weather conditions, Jacuzzi® hot tubs are made with full-foam and optional Smart Seal® insulation and a TriFusion® shell. ProEndure® cover is made with the tried-and-tested ProLast® fabric that keeps the warmth and moisture locked. With an uncompromising attention to detail, Jacuzzi® equips their hot tubs with LED lights and titanium heating elements to further help conserve energy.

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