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Clean Up Your California Backyard For Fall In 5 EASY Steps


After the summer heat, the fall season is often welcomed with open arms. You’re likely beyond ready to trade in your flip-flops, tank tops, and shorts for cozy sweaters, hot cocoa and a few plush blankets.

However, in order to fully prepare your backyard for the cooler months, there are a few things you must do first. In order to help get your backyard ready for the changing season, here are five simple steps for cleaning it up this fall!

1. Size Up Your Property

Before you start any project in your backyard, you first need to know what needs to be done. When it’s time to start preparing your property for the fall, you need to give your backyard a critical eye. Take a good look around and determine what needs to be done first.

Do the wilted flowers need to be pruned? Is it time to bring your potted plants indoors? If you make a list first, this task will be much easier for you!

2. Tidy Up Your Backyard Space

The next step in preparing your yard for fall is to put on your gardening gloves and get out there. You’ll want to make sure that you have plenty of disposal and compost bins ready, as you may have to do a significant amount of work in your backyard.

Get rid of any dead weeds and plants that won’t make it through the fall. You’ll also want to remove any damaged, old outdoor furniture that won’t survive the colder months.

3. Remove Any Hazards

When fall descends upon us, it often brings torrential rain and strong winds. If you have any potential hazards still on your property, they could cause serious damage to your house or your hot tub.

For instance, this is a good opportunity to remove any old, dead branches from your property, especially if they’re still attached to their tree.

By preemptively removing them, you can avoid any risk of them falling and destroying anything of value, such as your Jacuzzi® Hot Tub.

4. Drain and Refill Your Hot Tub

To help prepare your hot tub for the cooler months, you’ll want to drain and refill your hot tub. This is also a good chance to clean your hot tub filter, scrub the basin of your spa, and inspect your hot tub cover.

Of course, just because it’s getting brisker out doesn’t mean that you can’t use your hot tub anymore. Fall is a great time to enjoy a hot soak in your personal spa!

5. Ramp Up the Ambiance

Finally, you’ll want to convert your backyard into an inviting retreat. Remove your summer décor and trade it out for fun and playful fall décor. Your current patio furniture can easily be transitioned to fall with a few choice decoration pieces.

Drape warm, amber lights over your patio umbrella to cast a welcoming glow over your backyard. Some strategically placed pumpkins, and some plush-down blankets, maybe all you need to encourage you to spend more time in your backyard this fall!

Getting Ready for Fall in Orange County

Are you excited about fall finally being here? For more helpful tips and advice on how to prepare your backyard for autumn, please check out our blog!

Fall is a fantastic time to clean up your property, giving you a clean slate to enjoy your living space. Whether you already have a hot tub, or you’re thinking about getting one to help you better enjoy this autumnal season, why not come visit us here at Aqua Paradise in Orange County?

Our knowledgeable and friendly sales team is looking forward to meeting you and showing you our fine selection of hot tubs for sale, and answering any questions you may have about preparing your backyard for fall!


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