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4 Outdoor Hot Tub Décor Tips For This Season


Spring is the time to delve into new projects. And what could be a better project than giving your outdoor living space a refresh for the upcoming summer season?

Even if your budget isn’t a large one, there are still many ways that you can give your space a new look. Check out our handy list of suggestions on outdoor hot tub décor tips to give your yard a whole new lease on life.

1. Lighten Up Your Outdoor Hot Tub

If you want to make your outdoor hot tub the focal point of your backyard design, one of the easiest ways to do that is with lighting. Although most modern spas already include lights for water illumination, you can line the outside bottom of your hot tub with LED rope lighting. If you have a built-in spa, you can opt to line your deck, walkway, or edges of a nearby garden instead.

Be sure not to go overboard, though. Choose one or two elements to highlight, so you don’t end up with too much of a good thing. LED rope lighting comes in a variety of colors, but white blends best with natural surroundings.

Another option for brightening up your outdoor hot tub and backyard space on a budget is string lights. These look fabulous strung above your deck, patio, or hot tub or adorning a pergola or gazebo. You can hang your lighting in straight lines or in a zig-zag pattern.

2. Choose Some Blooms

There are so many ways to bring color to your backyard. Flowers are a natural choice to achieve a variety of hues. If you enjoy gardening, planting traditional or rock gardens around your spa will definitely make it a focal point for your space.

If you opt for a traditional garden, planting wildflowers gives you maximum impact with minimal work. Because they look best when allowed to grow chaotically, you won’t have to spend a ton of time weeding or keeping your garden in order.

For a rock garden, some of the best choices include yellow alpine alyssum and blue fescue which do well in bright sunny locations.

Drought-resistant plants such as prickly pear cactus and hens and chicks will keep the garden low-maintenance, while vibrant plants like aubrieta make an ideal carpeting plant. If you have a rock wall, rockcress will drape and spread beautifully, but it does require a lot of moisture to thrive.

3. Add Color

Another easy way to add color to your outdoor hot tub and backyard living space is with your patio furniture. Rather than buying new, give the set you have an overhaul.

After a good cleaning, wicker, metal, or iron furniture can be revitalized with spray paint. White paint will brighten up your patio, and pops of color can be added to the furniture with cushions, pillows, and throws.

While wooden furniture looks best in a more natural state, you can still spice things up by sanding and re-staining the wood a darker hue.

Bold, bright cushions with geometric or striped prints will pop against a darker stain, while pastels and smaller prints look great against a light stain.

4. Get Decorative

Adding some unique, unexpected pieces can bring a lot of personality to your outdoor living space. Try hanging decorative sconces from your covered porch, pergola, or gazebo. Choosing sconces that are the same color but in different shapes adds texture, while hanging them at different levels adds visual interest.

Another way to add personality is with wall art. Just because you’re outside, doesn’t mean you can’t decorate your walls. Decorative, old window frames can be brought to life with a coat of spray paint. After hanging them on the wall of your house or gazebo, mount a summery wreath on top.

If you have a backyard fence, you can liven it up with old picture frames. Find frames in a variety of different sizes, give them a coat of paint in a hue that complements your outdoor color scheme, and group them together in a pattern of your choice.

Not only does this bring a pop of color to a boring wood fence, it can bring attention to any gardens planted below.

Find Your Outdoor Hot Tub with Aqua Paradise

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