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8 Must-Have Backyard Hot Tub Accessories For Summer


There’s nothing quite like enjoying your free time on a beautiful day, resting comfortably in the warm hot tub water. If you already own a high-quality hot tub, you’re no stranger to such delights. Still, hot tub fun and functionality don’t end there.

Affordable hot tubs can be upgraded with a whole range of practical hot tub accessories that will make your time even more enjoyable and relaxing.

Here is a short list of several must-have spa accessories that will upgrade your hot tub to a whole new level.

1. Quality Cover Lifters

High-quality cover lifters are a great boost to your hot tub’s functionality.

As hot tub covers are large and heavy, taking them on and off can be really tiresome, and leaving them on the floor when they are off can damage them and make them dirty.

This is where cover lifters really come to the rescue. With Aqua Paradise specially designed cover lifters CoverMate 1 and 3, it’s going to be a lot quicker and easier to manage your tub covers, and in time you will wonder how you ever lived without them!

2. Hot Tub Umbrella

Hot tub side umbrella represents an outstanding upgrade to the appearance of your hot tub or spa.

Besides being very good-looking, this hot tub accessory is also very functional and practical, as it keeps your skin safe from intense sunlight on hot summer days, and it also reduces glare.

Sit back, relax, and enjoy the warm water in the wide, protective shade of our ProLast Umbrella.

3. Hot Tub Steps

As both hot tubs and people come in different sizes, sometimes getting in and out a tub can turn into a challenge. This is why one of the most important hot tub accessories is side steps.

Aqua Paradise offers you two practical solutions – Durastep, that comes in several colors to perfectly match your hot tub, and The Mod Step, a model which allows you to choose the number of steps and, optionally, add an assist rail on the back or on the side of one of our affordable hot tubs.

4. Potted Plants

Add bursts of color throughout your backyard with potted plants. Whether you add flowers, greenery or a combination of the two, by planting them in pots you have the ability to move them around freely as you see fit. Not to mention that you can play around with a variation in pots as well.

Potted plants can brighten up any backyard, adding privacy and a pop of color.

5. No-Slip Pillow

This hot tub add-on can be really handy. Place it on your tub headrest to make your relaxing time even more pleasant and comfortable.

6. Spa and Hot Tub Aromatherapy

Let aromatherapy cast its spells in your tub. Choose the scents that help you unwind after a busy day, and let both your body and your mind appreciate the calming effects this experience will provide.

7. Floating Hot Tub Accessories

If you are all about fun and games, you should definitely check out a whole range of floating hot tub props, from funny-shaped drink holders, beer pong, board games, to portable, floatable book holders. These can be super-fun additions to your tub party!

8. Exterior Hot Tub Lighting

Illuminate your hot tub installation and backyard in its entirety with exterior lighting! Install lights directly into your fence posts, dig them into the ground to highlight flower gardens, pathways, and your spa, or simply hang string lighting.

This is one of the simple yet essential backyard hot tub accessories that can help illuminate the features of your backyard to create a welcoming ambiance while improving safety and functionality at the same time.

And with so many lighting options available, the possibilities are endless.

Hot Tub Accessories – The Finishing Touches

Now that the other features and hot tub accessories have been added to your backyard, it’s time for the finishing touches! Why not consider adding…

  • Outdoor candles
  • Flower vases
  • Decorative pillows
  • Bluetooth speaker
  • Umbrella
  • Condiments caddy
  • Towel rack
  • Storage compartment

How will you accessorize your hot tub installation?

Check Out Our Affordable Hot Tub Accessories!

Want to enjoy a good soak? Reach out to Aqua Paradise, a renowned Jacuzzi dealer in Southern California! Visit one of our showrooms and check out our vast selection of hot tubs and spas.

Once you try them, these top-quality and affordable hot tubs are going to be the backyard items you’ll keep returning to over and over again. To top off that experience, don’t miss to equip your spa or a hot tub with first-class practical, functional and fun accessories!


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