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Hot Tub & Spa Safety Tips for You and Your Family


Spas and hot tubs are amazing additions to the backyard: fun for the children, relaxing for the adults, and soothing and pain-relieving for the elders. You think that one of the beautifully designed, high-quality hot tubs in Escondido would look amazing in your home, but you have some concerns about safety? Spas and hot tubs are designed to be safe to use, but here are a few suggestions to follow for a completely secure and relaxed soaking.

Spas and hot tubs soak time

How long can you soak in a hot tub in one sitting? It depends on several factors: hot tub user’s age, the weather outside, the water temperature… Generally speaking, children and seniors should not stay in a hot tub for more than 15 minutes in one sitting, and for the adults, that time is around 30 minutes. If the weather outside is very hot, take shorter soaks, or set the lower water temperature (it should not exceed 100 degrees at most on a hot summer day). If you notice any signs of nausea or dizziness, get out of the tub, have some water and rest a little before going back in. If your skin has any sores or wounds, you should avoid spas and hot tubs.

Hydration is a must

It is important to drink water before and after getting in the hot tub – since the tub water is warm, you will perspire a lot, and won’t even notice that your body needs hydration. Be careful not to use ceramic or glass beverage containers, as they might break and cause injuries. It’s safer to go with plastic ones instead.

Alcohol and prescribed medication

A combination of warm water and alcohol can dehydrate you and raise your body temperature, so it’s very important to consume alcohol as little as possible while in the tub. If you are taking any medication, consult your physician about using the spa or a hot tub.

Handling electrical devices

Never leave any electrical device, especially if it’s turned on, around the spa or hot tub area, as the potential contact between the device and water could cause electrocution. Leave your phone, laptop or speakers at a distance where water splash can’t reach them.

Adult supervision

When hot tub relaxing includes the presence of children, it is important to never leave them unattended. Slippery areas around the pool and water depth might be factors to consider. If your child is 5 years old or younger, you should consult your pediatrician before allowing the child into the spas and hot tubs.

Hot tub cleaning routine

The last but not least, make sure that you regularly clean your spa or hot tub, test your water for acidity and hardness, and check your water filters. Also, always take a shower before entering the tub, and make this a rule for everyone – this way, the amount of bacteria in the water you share in a tub will stay at the lowest level.

Enjoy your spa or hot tub – safe and sound!

It feels great to know you can enjoy your spa or hot tub without any concerns! Upgrade it with hot tub accessories designed to enhance your hot tub experience and you will enjoy your soak even more! Your new backyard heaven is closer than you think – contact Aqua Paradise today and find out more.


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