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4-Person Hot Tubs – Everything You Need To Know


Two key notions to keep in mind when considering buying a hot tub are, undoubtedly, comfort and size.

However, these are intertwined – for example, 4-person hot tub dimensions will tell you about tub measurements, according to which you can estimate if its size will be comfortable enough for your friends and family.

The best 4-person hot tubs are those fitting perfectly into the designated space, but also provide you with the level of coziness you expect.

This might seem quite simple and logical, but measurements are to be taken seriously, having in mind dimensions can differ across manufacturers and shapes.

So, step one is to always carefully measure the space you plan to install the hot tub in, as this will help you decide about various important features when making the purchase.

Read on, as we have prepared useful advice!

2, 3 or 4-Person Hot Tub – Hot Tub Dimensions Are Always The Starting Point

Let’s assume that for some reason you decided you want a 4-person hot tub. This is a great decision, as it will allow your whole family to enjoy the many benefits of hydrotherapy, while your friends also get to luxuriate in this intimate spa paradise.

But, do you want around a hot tub, or would you prefer a rectangular-shaped one? What about a hot tub with a lounger or without one?

This is precisely where 4 person hot tub dimensions can help you make up your mind. Once you know exactly how much space is available for the hot tub installation, be it outdoors or indoors, you can easily choose between a round and rectangular shape based on the planned location.

This bit of information could be of some help: round ones commonly range from 78 to 84 inches in diameter, while square hot tubs are up to 110 inches in diameter.

Think About Seats, Loungers, and Personal Preferences

Many people think that loungers are by definition more comfortable than open seating, and hot tubs for four often include them.

A general recommendation is, if possible, to get a test soak before finally deciding on the seating option – you can check out Aqua Paradise locations where you can schedule a free test soak on our website.

A hot tub is a long-term investment, which is why it is worth it to use the option of a test hot tub soak and see if a lounge tub fits your height and allows you to relax properly.

As loungers take up more space, it’s possible that 4-person hot tub dimensions actually leave enough space for only three individuals to feel comfortable.

Rely On Aqua Paradise Expert Staff For All Hot Tub Related Questions

As you can see, 4-person hot tub dimensions can be more complicated than it seems at first, but there is absolutely no need to worry.

Simply rely on careful measurement, as well as personal preferences when deciding, and it is impossible to go wrong – your enjoyment is guaranteed!

Your spa paradise is just a couple of clicks and a test soak in Aqua Paradise away!


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