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Hot Tubs Explained: How They Work & What You Need to Know


Buying a hot tub is a far more profitable investment than building an in-ground pool.

However, since you have so many options at your disposal, you need to inform yourself about the different features and options that this home addition brings.

Before browsing for hot tubs in San Diego, you should take some time to learn more about hot tubs and how they work.

From browsing through different hot tub models, such as Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, to finding the best hot tub manufacturer and a dependable dealer, there are plenty of things to consider before making the final decision.

Do I need a permit to install a hot tub in my home in San Diego?

Although you don’t typically need a permit to add a hot tub to your property, it’s advisable that you check with the city you reside in for any laws that might pertain to pools and hot tubs. If you have an HOA, they will most likely have guidelines that you must follow in terms of placement. Since there are no gas or water lines with portable tubs, the main focus is on water safety.

Your city or HOA will want to ensure the spa is placed in an area inaccessible to children, and there are often times strict guidelines on how close the spa can be to the property’s walls and house. You will want to ensure your cover is ASTM certified, and hiring a reputable electrician or contractor will help ensure you are following all current local laws.

How many jets do hot tubs need?

Owning a hot tub will allow you to enjoy relaxing massages and reap the health benefits of hydrotherapy, providing you with a truly exceptional hydromassage experience. Just imagine spending a lovely day exploring and strolling through the Balboa Park and then relaxing in your calming hot tub in the evening.

Hydro jets play a crucial role here, so you need to pick a jet system that is right for you. If there are many hydro jets, you’ll need to go with a pump strong enough to deliver enough pressure. In addition, jet design can also affect your entire home spa-inspired experience.

Keep in mind that the design and positioning of jets is significantly more important than how many of them are included. For the best effect, you should choose a hot tub with a variety of different jets rather than one with a great number of them.

If possible, you should also go with a modern model that incorporates the air induction technique that allows jets to mix warm water and air.

How are hot tubs heated?

Hot tub heating is one of the most important factors to consider when buying a hot tub in San Diego.

Filtered water is pumped through the heating system, which typically includes a flow switch or high-limit sensors. These elements are essential for preventing hot tub water from overheating or the heater from going dry.

How hot do hot tubs get?

One of the main questions that buyers have regarding temperature is – how hot do hot tubs get? Nowadays, you can find innovative models that incorporate high-tech digital keypads, allowing homeowners to adjust the desired temperature easily.

Although you can set the temperature yourself, certain regulations have been created, setting the temperature limit to 104℉. When it comes to the average temperature, 100℉ is considered to be the most appropriate choice for an adult.

What water capacity do hot tubs have?

Hot tubs come in different sizes, which means that their water capacity varies too. Smaller tubs will typically hold around 250 gallons, while larger ones hold up to over 500 gallons. The average amount of water for a standard 7’x7’ spa will be around 350-400.

However, keep in mind that the larger the hot tub, the more time it will need to warm up, drain and refill. For example, you will need around 20 hours to warm up a hot tub that holds 300 gallons of water with a 1.5kW heater. When it comes to filling such a hot tub, it will take you around 2 hours to do it.

Which hot tub size is most appropriate?

The hot tub size and water capacity will also depend on your personal needs and the number of your family members. Typically, two-person and six-person hot tubs are the most popular solutions on the market. If you want to buy a hot tub for your family, you should consider going with a bigger model. Each person should have around 100 gallons of water, which you can use as a size guideline when purchasing a hot tub.

You also need to consider the length, width, and height when making a decision. These factors can affect your entire experience since they can have a crucial impact on your comfort. For example, if you go with a low hot tub model, tall individuals won’t be able to immerse themselves in the water completely.

How long do hot tubs last?

When buying a hot tub, you should consider investing in a model of high quality. This will provide you with a long-term investment since a durable hot tub can last up to 20 years. Typically, a hot tub will last 10+ years, depending of course, on if the hot tub has been maintained and well taken care of.

If you choose a portable hot tub made of exceptional materials, you also need to maintain it properly and regularly to ensure its long-lasting quality. If you choose a low-quality hot tub and don’t stick to proper spa care, your hot tub is highly unlikely to last more than 5 years.

Properly maintaining your hot tub can help you extend its longevity. In particular, you need to wipe all the plastic elements because they are frequently exposed to different chemicals, so they can quickly become worn out. You should also clean your hot tub thoroughly every time you drain it.

What about the filtration system?

Modern hot tubs are typically self-contained units, which means that the filtration system is incorporated into their design. Hot tub water can be filtered through either a pressure filtration system or a suction filtration system. The first type cleanses water by using cartridges while the second type filters the water as it goes through the pump.

You can configure your filtration system and set it to run for 2, 4, 6 or 8 hours every 12 hours. Auto-cleaning mode is also available if you want continuous filtration.

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