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Hot Tub Seating: To Lounge or Not to Lounge?


A hot tub is a big investment, and deciding on buying one usually comes with many things to consider.

Looking for a hot tub is not a typical shopping experience, but you can still have a lot of fun when choosing its shape and size, or deciding on where to put it.

Even if you already have your mind set on buying a 4-person Jacuzzi, there is still at least one question to be answered – do you want a 4-person hot tub with a lounger or without one?

To lounge or not to lounge is another common dilemma of hot tub shoppers. Here, we will outline some of the most important things to consider before you finalize the decision to buy that dream 4-person hot tub with lounger!

Begin with Basics – What Is a Hot Tub Lounger?

A lounge seat is, according to many, a type of seat allowing you to lean back and position yourself more comfortable than in regular hot tub seats. Basically, they allow you to relax more  since you’re practically lying in the hot tub.

Lounge seats will often include a full body massager with hydrotherapy options targeting most important points of your body, delivering unmatched stress relief. This means that a 4-person hot tub with lounger can provide you with an amazing experience of recharging both body and soul!

Should I Buy a 4-Person Hot Tub With Lounger or Without One?

Answer this first: what is your hot tub going to be used for? Bear in mind that a lounger usually means less space inside the hot tub. It’s likely that a 4-person hot tub with a lounger can only accommodate three people so that they enjoy maximum comfort.

If your hot tub is intended for the whole family, it could get pretty crowded, so don’t overlook the space limitation and go for regular seating options instead.

Remember that choosing against lounge seats does not mean settling for lower hydrotherapy effectiveness – this decision mainly concerns the number of seats you really need.

It’s possible to find the middle ground and solve the lounge or not to lounge dilemma – hot tub models with semi-reclined seats are available in case you decide to combine a lounger feeling with more space inside the hot tub.

How Will I Know If a Lounge Seat Works For My Body?

It is of great importance that you can sit comfortably in a lounger, because there are almost as many shapes and sizes of these seats as hot tub options.

Most of the seats work well for individuals of average height, but there’s no better way of making sure than trying the seat out for yourself.

Remember to test your 4-person hot tub with lounger when empty, but also when filled with water if that is an option, to ensure a comfortable position.

Choose Among Many Aqua Paradise Hot Tubs, With or without The Lounger!

Whatever your final decision might be, Aqua Paradise is here to help! We offer professional advice addressing all your hot tub and spa-related issues, while our pleasant staff members will go above and beyond to help you choose the option that corresponds to your preferences.

We also offer the possibility of test soaks, and we promise you they’re as fun as they sound! Maybe that will help you decide that the next gift you are treating yourself to should be a 4-person hot tub with lounger from Aqua Paradise!


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