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The 5 Best Hot Tub Safety Tips for Children In The Spa


Hot tubs in San Diego never lose popularity!

Relaxing in a hot tub is a wonderful, soothing experience, but many tub owners rightfully wonder: Is it safe to allow children in a hot tub?

Many families purchase a hot tub with the goal of having the entire family together-increasing face-to-face time and enjoying the benefits of hydrotherapy.

Well, we have some good news for you: If you carefully consider these hot tub safety tips and stay cautious when the little ones are near the tub area, your family will be able to enjoy many years of hot tub use together!

1. Keep Your Hot Tub Covered When It’s Not In Use

There are several hot tub safety tips for using the system properly, but what to do when it’s not in use? If you think your kids will stay away just because you’re not around or the weather isn’t too nice, think again.

Children are curious and adventurous, and the tub depth and the slippery area around it call for major caution.

To make sure your kids are absolutely safe, keep your hot tub covered whenever it’s not in use. Choosing the best hot tub covers isn’t just a matter of tub protection, it’s also a security measure that will keep your children and pets safe.

2. No Hot Tub Time For Babies And Toddlers

According to the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals, babies and toddlers should not be allowed in hot tubs.

The reasons for this precaution are clear: high water temperature and chemicals used to keep tub water in the right balance might cause harsh skin reactions, especially in case of foamy hot tub water, and the tub depth represents a risk of drowning.

As a rule of thumb, a child should not be permitted to enter the hot tub unless its head is out of the water when standing upright in it.

3. Setting The Right Temperature

No matter what type of hot tub you own, minding the water temperature is very important-specially with children in and around.

The ideal hot tub temperatures for adults range between 100-104 degrees Fahrenheit. For children though, it is recommended to set the temperature down to about 95.

This way, they can still receive the awesome benefits of the hot water, while not overheating or becoming too dehydrated.

4. Setting The Family Rules

Teach your kids how to use the hot tub by setting some ground rules. Hot tubs are not toys, so any type of horseplay in or around the tub should be greatly discouraged.

And while the hot tub is a place for relaxation, bringing food, toys, or electronics can lead to a variety of unwanted complications for your hot tub.

A few other ground rules should include determining the maximum soaking time, introducing any hot tub safety accessories, and teaching your children the importance of hydration during and after a soak.

5. Adult Supervision Is a Must

No matter how tall, careful, and well-behaving your children are, when it comes to hot tubs, adult supervision is absolutely necessary.

A moment of distraction can result in unwanted consequences, so make sure there is always at least one adult in the area.

Learn More Hot Tub Safety Tips From Your Trusted Hot Tub Dealer

When it comes to spending time in and around the hot tub with your family, safety always comes first.

If your children learn how to behave around the tub with adult supervision always present, amazing fun times lie ahead of you!

For more information and hot tub safety tips, contact your trusted Jacuzzi Hot Tub dealer Aqua Paradise. We are always happy to assist you!


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