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Hot Tub For Back Pain – How To Find Relief in Your Backyard


Are you looking for a way to help ease your back pain without waiting weeks on end for an opening with your masseuse each time you face a flareup?

Look no further than a hot tub! With their swirling warm depths and powerful jets, they may be just what you need to soothe those lingering aches and pains.

Investing in a hot tub for back pain relief can be a transformative decision. It allows the convenience of treatment right in your own backyard and provides an array of other desirable benefits.

Are you curious about how you can find relief from back pain by using a hot tub? Keep reading!

In this article, we’ll explore what elements of a hot tub work to alleviate back pain and guide you through some additional measures that support even more relief.

How Can Hot Tubs Help With Back Pain

Did you know that roughly 16 million adults across America are living with chronic back pain, with upwards of 65 million Americans experiencing some form of back pain at one time or another?

With such a high prevalence, finding accessible ways to ease this pain is imperative. Whether you occasionally wake up with a twinge in your lower back or face tense back muscles causing throbbing pain after a long day at work, waiting for treatment isn’t ideal.

Using a hot tub for back pain can help you find relief easier, making it possible to treat your aches and pains right in your very own backyard.

How do hot tubs help combat back pain? Let’s find out.

hot tub for back pain - woman under water in hot tub

1. Buoyancy

One of the most influential reasons you can successfully use a hot tub for back pain is the weightlessness you experience once you’re submerged in the water.

This buoyancy helps lift the weight your joints and hips face outside the water, giving them time to rest and recover free from the typical pressure they experience.

Furthermore, the jets also help increase the buoyancy, slightly pushing you away from the seat, enhancing this weightlessness while incorporating the soothing relief of the current.

2. Hydrotherapy

Hot tubs implement an ancient healing technique called hydrotherapy. The technique uses moving water to treat various ailments.

While this can be done with water of any temperature, warm water has been shown to be increasingly effective in easing pain.

As it swirls around you, the warmth traces whisper light touches across your skin, resulting in a wave of relaxation and stimulation, helping your body rest and recover.

3. Massage

Another important element in your spa that combats pain is the powerful jets spread throughout the interior.

By producing streams with a precise mixture of air and water, these jets provide a soothing massage for weary muscles from your neck to your toes.

Most models even allow for the pressure of these jets to be adjusted based on your ever-changing needs, ensuring you can experience the perfect massage every time you step into the water.

Whether you’re looking for a kneading deep tissue massage or a gentle touch to invoke a serene sense of calm, these massage jets can cater to your every need.

4. Muscle Relaxation

With those soothing jets and the warmth of the water, comes one big factor that ensures relief is on the horizon…complete muscle relaxation!

Tense muscles throughout your body can result in a myriad of pain, with much of it settling in your lower or upper back.

Finding a way to relax your muscles, allowing them to release tension and stretch out, can be a powerful remedy for aches and pains.

Choosing the Right Hot Tub for Back Pain

Now that you understand how hot tubs can help alleviate back pain, let’s explore what factors you’ll want to consider in a potential spa to ensure the model you choose is right for you.

Jet Configuration

Easily one of the most important elements is the configuration of jets throughout the spa.

Every hot tub is different, and the collection of jets scattered throughout the seats should be capable of easily aligning with your troublesome muscles.

For example, if you struggle with lower back pain, finding a hot tub that includes a seat with jets placed along the bottom of the backrest would be ideal, ensuring those aches and pains can be treated when they arise.

Alternatively, if neck pain is an issue, look for a hot tub with jets placed higher up, or one that offers jets inside one of the pillows to easily reach your neck, like the J-355™️ hot tub.

Seating Options

Another important element to consider is what kind of seating you’d like in your spa.

While nearly every hot tub offers upright seating, not every model includes a lounger, which can make a significant difference in your relief.

Upright seats are powerful options for pain directly linked to the back. However, if part of what’s causing the back pain is tight hamstrings or calves, a lounger may be the better option.

Loungers tend to offer a more extensive experience. These seats often boast lines of jets that target muscles from your neck to your toes, treating every muscle to a soothing massage.

This can go a long way in easing those chronic aches and pains.

Types of Jets

Are you sensing a theme here?

Jets are clearly the pivotal players in your experience, and they’re worth your undivided attention as you explore the many models on the market.

Beyond their configuration and the types of seating, the style of the jet is also worth considering.

Jets no longer simply push a stream of water through a hole. Many modern designs feature spinning parts, unique openings, and various styles of streams, creating an immersive experience that considers the varying needs of each muscle group.

Let’s be honest: the same powerful jet you use to target the large muscle groups in your back certainly wouldn’t be as effective at treating the delicate muscles in your wrists or feet.

This is where the type of jet becomes important. Many models boast a collection of different jets strategically designed and placed to provide the optimum pressure for the area they target.

As you explore your options, take time to narrow down what muscles are responsible for your pain, and consider what style of jets would best support your relief.

hot tub for back pain - stretching in hot tub in mission viejo

Tips to Amplify Your Pain Relief

Already using your hot tub for back pain relief? Let’s discuss some ways you can bring your relief even further.

Stretch In The Spa

Did you know that one of the many benefits of hot tubs is their ability to increase mobility?

As the warm water and jets relax your muscles, they are able to ease into their original state, often lengthening as they release the tension they’d been holding onto.

This alone helps you gain better mobility since your movement is no longer hindered by tense muscles, but by stretching beneath the warmth of the water, you can help this benefit continue outside the water.

Here are some easy stretches to include in your next spa session:

  • Neck stretch: Sitting up, place your hand at the crown of your head, and gently pull it forward, turning your face toward your armpit. This helps stretch the muscles between your shoulder blades. Repeat on the other side.
  • Side stretch: Sitting upright, raise your arms above your head, lightly clasping your hands at the top. Then, gently bend your upper body to the side. This will help stretch out tight muscles along your ribcage.
  • Shrugs: Sitting on the end of your seat so your back is straight, roll your shoulders back 10 times, then switch to rolling them forward for another 10. This helps release tight muscles in your shoulders and in your upper chest.
  • Cross body: With your back straight, gently cross your arm over your chest, placing your opposite hand on your forearm. Apply gentle pressure until you feel a stretch in your shoulder. Hold for 30 seconds, then repeat on the other side.
  • Lower back stretch: As pictured above, pull your knee toward your chest while in a sitting position. Stop when you feel a stretch in your lower back, holding for 30 seconds. Switch legs and repeat. This will help loosen the muscles in your lower back and around the back of your hips, reducing the strain on your lower back.

Incorporate Aromatherapy

As you can see, one of the big ways hot tubs help you find relief from back pain is through relaxation.

While the swirling, warm water and targeted jets certainly result in this, adding some hot tub safe aromatherapy to your session is a great way to kick this into overdrive.

Many scents can have a powerful influence on your emotional state, with lavender, eucalyptus, or lemongrass supporting relaxation.

Consider setting up a diffuser nearby, or investing in some aromatherapy products specifically designed for hot tubs.

If you’re still in the market for a hot tub and love the idea of mingling aromatherapy with hydrotherapy, consider investing in a model that includes built-in aromatherapy technology, like Sundance®️ Spas 880™️ and 980™️ Series hot tubs.

Add Some Gentle Hot Tub Exercises to Your Spa Sessions

Lastly, strength training can be an easy way to combat daily pain, helping your muscles better support your body, and maintain good posture.

Hot tubs provide a great environment for beginner-friendly workouts, offering a gentle way to begin introducing fitness into your daily routine.

From squats and flutter kicks to calf raises, there are plenty of ways to workout in your spa and support improved muscle health.

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