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How Long Do Hot Tubs Last – 4 Easy Ways To Maximize Its Lifespan


One of the questions we hear most often is, “How long do hot tubs last?”

Rightfully so!

When you choose to invest in a hot tub, you want to ensure it will last you for many years to come.

Investing in your wellness, relaxation, and backyard fun is a big decision, and we don’t take your choice lightly. We want you to get the most enjoyment out of your home spa possible.

If you’re wondering how long your hot tub will last and want to know what you can do to maximize its lifespan, keep reading!

How Long Do Hot Tubs Last?

A high-quality hot tub can last anywhere from 10-15 years and, when taken care of properly, can even last as long as 20 years!

However, if you fail to stick to a well-planned maintenance schedule and don’t care for your hot tub throughout the years, you could cut its lifespan in half.

As you can see, you personally will have a big influence over how long your hot tub lasts.

While Jacuzzi® Hot Tubs come with an extensive warranty, it can only go so far.

Taking care of your hot tub is essential in ensuring you get years of use out of it.

The good news is that caring for your hot tub and maintaining it isn’t difficult and doesn’t take nearly as much time as many people think.

While your hot tub itself averages a 15-year lifespan, different components will vary in how long they last and can need repair or replacement throughout the life of your hot tub.

How Long Can Hot Tub Parts Last?

Your hot tub has many essential parts that significantly affect how well your spa functions and how long it will last you.

These parts require regular maintenance and, over time, can need to be replaced from general use over the years.

Luckily, many of these parts are simple to repair and replace.

Let’s get into the different parts of your hot tub you should monitor and maintain over the lifetime of your spa.


Covers are essential to your hot tub and typically last four or five years. While this is significantly less than the lifespan of your hot tub, investing in high-quality covers like the Covana hot tub covers can help you decrease the rate of needing to buy new ones.

Your spa cover protects your water, preventing unnecessary treatment, ensuring your shell isn’t exposed to harsh elements, and maintaining the heat of your water, minimizing the stress on your heater.

The outside of your cover will be exposed to the elements year-round, collecting dirt and grime. This can cause irreversible damage to it.

So how do you keep that from happening?

Simply take a few minutes each week to clean the outside of your cover with a damp cloth. This will keep any dirt from having the chance to build up and keep your cover looking like new!

Additionally, you’ll want to ensure you’re cleaning the underside of your cover at least once a month to minimize the risk of mold and mildew developing.

This underside of your hot tub is constantly exposed to damp heat and chemicals, so keeping it clean will help maximize its life.

Mix one part bleach with nine parts water and use a soft cloth to gently clean the underside of your cover, ensuring you wipe inside all the tight spaces and cracks before putting your cover back on your spa.


The heaters in hot tubs can have varying lifespans. This is largely due to the effects the water chemistry, and balance has on it.

Heater elements are designed to be underwater, and if they run without enough water around them, or the water is too hard and forms scaling on the element, it can cause lasting damage.

Generally, you can expect your heater to last anywhere from 5-10 years.

If you maintain your water chemistry, ensuring it’s clean and balanced, you’ll be able to have your heater last you for years to come.


Your hot tub pump will have a similar lifespan to your heater and will also be highly influenced by your water quality.

Often, the seal in your pump that protects the motor from the water will degrade over time, damaging the system if water leaks past it. This can lead to rusted parts, which can cause seizing in the future, leaving your pump completely useless.

This seal is usually damaged through high acidity levels in the water or high chemical levels if you’ve been over-sanitizing.

To get the most life out of your hot tub’s pump, keep your water balanced and ensure you sanitize properly, being careful not to over treat your water.


This is another part of your hot tub that can degrade quickly if your water is treated improperly and left unbalanced, which can result in corrosion or buildup in and around your jets.

Overall, the average lifespan of hot tub jets is between seven and ten years if you’ve been keeping your water clean and healthy.

Ensure you check your water’s pH and alkaline levels and keep it balanced. This will help minimize the risk of buildup occurring and will support the performance of your jets for years to come.

Spa Pillows

Your hot tub comes with high-quality pillows, helping you experience the most comfortable and relaxing spa sessions possible.

Over time, these pillows can get damaged by the water and the water treatment products you use.

They typically last up to five years and are relatively inexpensive to replace.

To maximize their lifespan, clean them with a gentle cloth once a week to combat any buildup of moisture or treatment fumes.

How Can I Make My Hot Tub Last Longer?

As with any big investment, you want to ensure you take every step to make it last as long as possible. 

Maximizing the lifespan of your hot tub is easy and doesn’t have to take up extensive periods of your free time.

Here are some of the best ways to extend the life of your hot tub.

1. Follow a Regular Maintenance Schedule

As previously mentioned, your maintenance routine and how well you stick to it will greatly influence the lifespan of your hot tub.

Creating a thorough maintenance and care routine should be one of the first things you do when you purchase a new hot tub, and can be quick and easy to follow when you keep up with it.

Discover how you can create a foolproof maintenance routine using our easy-to-follow hot tub maintenance schedule.

2. Schedule Routine Service

Scheduling a service call isn’t only for when your hot tub is acting up or you need repairs made.

This can be a powerful proactive measure, ensuring any problems get caught early and thorough inspections are performed regularly.

You can even schedule our technicians to come to your home and drain and clean your hot tub, ensuring it’s done properly without you having to worry about missing any steps.

Put your hot tub care in our hands, and we’ll ensure it gets the care it needs to last!

We’ve made including routine service in your hot tub maintenance schedule easy. Simply request a service appointment on our website, and we’ll get a tech out to you to keep your spa in optimal condition!

3. Test and Treat Your Water Regularly

How you treat your water will depend on your water quality.

Ensure you always have pH strips on hand, and test your water at least once a week, but optimally you should aim for every 3-4 days.

This will help you make slight adjustments when necessary and avoid significant fluctuations in your water chemistry, minimizing the risk of causing damage to your hot tub’s shell or systems.

4. Don’t Forget to Drain and Deep Clean Your Hot Tub!

Keeping your hot tub clean is essential to extending its lifespan.

Every 3-4 months, you’ll want to completely drain your hot tub and perform a deep clean, ensuring you clean your shell, cover, and cabinet.

During this time, use a quality shell cleaner that’s made for your shell’s material, and clean every inch of its surface.

Once you’ve cleaned your shell and rinsed it off, complete a thorough inspection of its surface and every jet to ensure there are no cracks or broken seals.

After you’re confident that it’s clean and free of any damage, simply turn on your garden hose and refill your spa.

Remember to test and treat your water’s pH and alkaline levels after a water change, bringing your alkaline levels into range first, followed by your pH.

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