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Your Complete Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule For This Year


A complete hot tub maintenance schedule satisfies three basic needs. It enhances the hot tub’s water circulation and relies on a painless cleaning schedule.

Hot tub maintenance also involves balancing the water chemistry. And, you can maintain your hot tub at certain frequencies to ensure safety and comfort all year round.

Below is a complete hot tub maintenance guide to help you enhance the lifecycle of your hot tub and guarantee yourself maximum comfort.

Daily Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule

1. Circulate and Filter Your Hot Tub’s Water

Allowing your water to pass through the filters twice a day helps remove debris. It also helps prevent algae formation and keeps your hot tub’s water fresh, clear, and clean.

If your hot tub’s water cannot self-circulate, always turn your hot tub’s water on for at least 15 minutes twice a day.

2. Inspect Your Hot Tub For Faults

A quick check around your hot tub’s cover and cabinet can help you identify problems early enough. You can walk around your hot tub to confirm that there are no puddles resulting from leaks.

And confirm that your hot tub cover is tightly in position. A loosely fitted hot tub cover can increase your energy bills. It can allow debris into your hot tub.

3. Check Your Hot Tub’s Water Temperature

Check to confirm that your hot tub is neither underheating nor overheating. Any of these problems signals a fault with the hot tub’s circulation system or its electrical components.

Read your hot tub’s digital display to confirm the water is in the manufacturer’s recommended temperature range. If the temperature is not within the desired range, grab your troubleshooting manual and fix the problem.

Weekly  Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule

1. Test and Balance Your Hot Tub’s Water

Test your hot tub’s water every two to four days a week to ensure the appropriate hot tub chemicals are in balance. If there’s an imbalance, test the sanitizer level. The sanitizer PH should be 7.5.

And your hot tub’s total alkalinity should be around 80-120 ppm. And the hot tub’s calcium hardness should be between 150-250 ppm. For appropriate sanitizer levels, your hot tub should be between 1.0-3.0 ppm for chlorine and around 2.0-4.0 ppm for bromine.

2. Shock Your Hot Tub’s Water

A quality hot tub shock is good once a week. The shock sanitizes your water and clears any bromamines and chloramines. You can use a dichlor shock or a non-chlorine shock.

These shocks are suitable accompaniments for your bromine and chlorine sanitizers. So, add a reasonable amount of a non-chlorine shock after using your hot tub once a week.

3. Aerate Your Hot Tub’s Cover

Aerating your hot tub’s cover helps it dry out. You can air out your hot tub’s cover to prevent mildew and mold formation in your hot tub’s cover underside. So, remove your hot tub’s cover and leave it out in the open air for hours once weekly.

4. Clean Your Hot Tub

Clean your hot tub to remove any debris and dirt. You can use a battery-powered spa vacuum cleaner. Or, you can use a spa wand battery.

If your hydrotherapy hot tub is outdoors and has large debris like leaves, a leaf skimmer can help. Also, use a sponge with a spa cleaning agent once weekly.

You can use a pinch of white vinegar if you don’t have a regular hot tub cleaning solution. You can also get a scum remover if your waterline or filter has an oily residue.

5. Clean Your Hot Tub’s Filter

You should spray your hot tub’s filter cartridges once weekly. So, rigorously rinse the filter using a spray nozzle or a filter cleaner.

You can also spray the cartridge alongside the filter to remove residues and oils if the need arises. Debris can be caught in the filter’s fibers, so spray the filters until you clear any fibers.

6. Check Your Skimmer Basket

Check your skimmer and remove any debris. Proceed to give your skimmer basket a quick rinse alongside your hot tub’s filter.

7. Check Your Hot Tub’s Water Level

Your hot tub’s water should cover half or two-thirds of the skimmer hole. Otherwise, any highly floating debris won’t skim off your hot tub’s water surface.

Likewise, any underneath hot tub water pumps might not get sufficient water flowing through them. As a result, your hot tub’s water pump reduces. So, check your hot tub’s water level and adjust it weekly if need be.

Monthly Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule

1. Have An Expert Test Your Hot Tub’s Water

A professional can test your outdoor hot tub’s water to ensure its balance is accurate. The professional will test your water for phosphates and metals, which you might not detect with your home test kits. Your professional also recommends what you should do if your hot tub needs extra care.

2. Vacuum Your Hot Tub

Vacuuming your hot tub helps remove small debris or sand on the hot tub’s shell. So, get a manual vacuum cleaner if your hot tub does not self-clean.

Quarterly Hot Tub Maintenance

1. Drain Your Hot Tub

Dissolved solids can build up in your hot tub’s water. Yet, they can change your tub’s water to cloudy and make your water feel hardy. But by draining and refilling your hot tub, you can eliminate the dissolved particles.

2. Clean Your  Hot Tub’s Plumbing System

Before draining the hot tub, add some plumbing cleaners to the water. Adding the cleaners one hour before draining your hot tub will ensure they’ve circulated long enough. Besides, most plumbing cleaners are eco-friendly hence safe to drain out with water.

3. Clean Your Hot Tub’s Filters

  • Soak your hot tub’s filter cartridges in a filter-cleaning solution
  • Apply a UV protector spray to your hot tub’s UV Cover
  • Clean your hot tub cover
  • Condition your hot tub cover
  • Deeply clean your hot tub plumbing, jet, and lines
  • Purge your hot tub’s plumbing

Annual Hot Tub Maintenance Schedule

  1. Replace your hot tub’s filters
  2. Replace your hot tub’s cover if need be
  3. Open and clean your hot tub’s cabinet

Increase Your Hot Tub’s Lifecycle

For neophytes, maintaining your hot tub may sound complex. But with this complete maintenance schedule, you can be sure to enjoy a safe and comfortable hot tub for many years. And for more professional insights into maintaining your hot tub, please contact Aqua Paradise.


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