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3 Landscape Ideas To Compliment Your Spa In Orange County


Whether you have a hot tub installed or are currently shopping for one, you might find that the right landscape design can really bring it all together.

In this article, we’re going to take a closer look at some of the best landscape ideas for outdoor hot tub installations so that you can make the most of your backyard all year long.

1. Greenery, Flowers & Mulch

Chances are you will likely want something to gaze at while soaking in your Jacuzzi® hot tub, so why not incorporate some plants into your landscape design?

The addition of gardens throughout your backyard and surrounding your hot tub installation truly can complete the look, adding a pop of color to your backyard in a way that truly compliments it.

Add a variety of colorful flowers and greenery, then top it off with mulch for a sharp result. Here are some plants and flowers you may want to add to your landscape design:

  • Hostas
  • Daisy’s
  • Shrubs
  • Lily’s
  • Coreopsis
  • Succulents

For placement, you could add your garden area to your fence line, around the hot tub, or by the deck/patio area. For added function, look into flowers that are known to repel pests like mosquitos, flies and spiders.

2. Custom Patio Area

Landscaping is about so much more than just the softscapes, it’s about the hardscapes too. This includes, but isn’t limited to, your deck and patio area. To achieve that sleek built-in look, you may want to consider an in-ground hot tub installation.

By building your hot tub directly into your deck or patio, you can really boost the appeal of your backyard. If you’re worried about a custom patio being too expensive, keep in mind that you could always do a partial install and finish it off with a nice stone surround.

Think about how much better an in-ground swimming pool can look in comparison to an above-ground one. If it piques your interest, an in-ground installation might be for you.

If you would rather opt for an above-ground installation, you do have the option to build up and around it with a premium stone base and even steps leading into the spa. Top it off with a gazebo or nearby patio furniture area perfect for both leisure and entertainment to complete your custom patio design!

3. Classic, Functional & Safe

Outdoor hot tubs are about so much more than just fun and enjoyment, they’re also about safety and functionality. To achieve a backyard that’s perfect for the entire family, you may want to look for a solution in your landscape.

Achieve a simple and classic look with well-maintained grass, kept flower gardens, clear open spaces, tall bushes for privacy, and backyard features that are installed properly.

Not all outdoor hot tub installations need to be flashy and expansive. A simple installation on a concrete slab, surrounded by a few modest flower gardens and well-kept bushes can absolutely do the trick. Add some potted plants, comfortable patio furniture, and outdoor lighting to complete the look.

If you are interested in exterior lighting, you may want to consider a combination of in-ground lights, string lights, and fence lights to really illuminate your outdoor space!

Best Landscape Ideas With Aqua Paradise

If you’re looking for landscape ideas to create a backyard oasis that feels like a resort, look no further. Aqua Paradise can help you bring the luxury of a spa right to your own backyard.

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