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Small 240v Hot Tubs – 2 Best Models


For those looking for a high-performance small spa, we have two great new options for you. Starting April 1, 2018, we bring two upgraded small 240v hot tubs, enhanced versions of our Jacuzzi J-315 and J-325 Hot Tubs.

j 315 top view aquaparadiseca

Traditionally, these two models have been offered solely as a convertible. This means that while they could operate on either 120v or 240v, they come equipped with only 120v pumps.

So no matter what voltage is fed to the unit, the motor still only operates on 120v. While this may be adequate for most people, there are others that desire a higher level of performance.

Now for those who are in need of the 240v performance of a larger hot tub, they can now have it in more of our small 240v hot tubs.

It is important to note that while the convertible models that are still available can be operated off of either 120v or 240v, and can be field converted to operate, either way, these two new upgraded models will be able to operate only on 240v and cannot be changed.

The reason for this is the new upgraded package includes both a higher capacity 240v heater as well as high output 240v pumps shared with the larger hot tub models.

Best 240v Hot Tubs – J-315 vs J-325

For those of you who don’t know the difference between the J-315 model and the J-325 model, the difference is strictly size and seating arrangement.

The J-315 is a smaller two to three-person unit with a lounge seat. The J-325 model, on the other hand, is a small four-person model perfect for two couples or a smaller family.

jacuzzi hot tub j 325 install 01

Both models however are what we consider to be low profile models. This means they do not stand very tall, are a little easier to get in and out of, and will fit conveniently through most gates or doorways.

This makes delivery and moving a piece of cake. If you would like to get more information on these two new small 240v hot tubs, please visit one of our Jacuzzi showrooms either in Carlsbad or the San Diego communities of Rancho Bernardo or Point Loma. All stores are open seven days a week with multiple models available for you to jump in and try out first-hand.


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