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20 Gift Ideas For The Spa & Sauna Owner In Your Life


Getting a new swim spa, hot tub, or sauna for your home is one of the best things someone can do to treat themselves. Especially after long days at work, getting a good sauna session or a spa dip can be just what the doctor ordered.

However, some spa and sauna owners aren’t taking their relaxation to the next level and there remains a treasure trove of hot tub accessories and sauna accessories that can further enrich their spa and/or sauna experience.

We’ve gathered 20 of the best gift ideas to give these exact people just in time for the holidays (or whenever you’re feeling generous).

1. Spa Specific Stereo System – Bluewave Spa Stereo

For the music enthusiasts out there, tunes and relaxation come together perfectly. But you don’t want to go start risking your home stereo system by plugging it near your hot tub.

The perfect upgrade for most modern hot tubs, introducing the Bluewave Spa Stereo system. Specifically made for their line of sleek and high-end hot tubs, the Bluewave comes with marine-rated seals to keep water out of the main sound system. Bluetooth and aux cable compatible, the Bluewave even includes USB chargers to keep you jamming out longer.

2. Waterproof Phone Case

Our phones often never leave our side anymore and for good reason. That is until you get them wet. Anyone who’s had their phone dunked in a body of water knows the pain of seeing it fizzle out and reduced to a block of glass and plastic.

When relaxing in your hot tub, the last thing you want is to worry about your phone. Many waterproof cases are available for smartphones of different sizes and brands, so you can keep your phone functional without the worry of damage.

3. Spa Sandals

A good pair of sandals can last you a good time while giving you the comfort you need to get in and out of your spa and saunas. For those with an outdoor set-up, slippers with tread on the bottom are a great option.

Coming in different styles and colors while including reflexology features like massage beads in their design, there are many options available for the spa or sauna owner in your life.

4. Aromatherapy Oils

Your sense of smell is a large part of the relaxation experience.

While it’s never suggested that you should use essential oils directly within your sauna, hot tub or swim spa, you can use them with a diffuser instead. Your loved one may have an essential oil diffuser in their bedroom, bathroom living space or wellness area, meaning that the gift of aromatherapy will always be welcomed.

With many scents to choose from, there is truly something for everyone! To help relax and promote better sleep patterns, opt for lavender. To aid in overall better health and wellness, may we suggest eucalyptus, lemon, or sandalwood?

To help them bring aromatherapy to their hot tub or swim spa, spa-friendly aromatherapy products are available. By adding products that are made specifically for a hot tub or swim spa, you can help your loved one enjoy the many benefits of aromatherapy without risking their water chemistry or health of their spa.

5. Incense Sticks

Sometimes essential oils don’t cut it and you require a stronger, more direct smell.

Incense sticks, like the ones from Kuumba, are a great way to get natural scents like sandalwood and patchouli dispersed in an area. Easy to use and relatively cheap, incense sticks can elevate any relaxation session.

6. Hot Tub Steps

For those who own hot tubs, it can be tempting to use any old stool to lift yourself to your spa. But if you cheap out on this essential item you may risk some injury down the line due to slippage or breakage.

We recommend the Jacuzzi® Brand official hot tub steps, which feature anti-slip grips and a handy storage area for towels and other hot tub accessories.

7. Bath Robes

During the colder months, you wouldn’t want to head out to your outdoor spa and sauna in nothing but your trunks.

A good quality bathrobe like those that Snowe produces can last a long time while giving you a luxurious feel every time you put one on.

All spa and sauna owners should consider a good quality bathrobe as their companion every time they head in for a quick session.

8. Floating Tables

For outdoor barbeques or late afternoon siestas with friends, one should always keep the snacks and drink ready at hand.

A good way to do this is with a reliable and sturdy floating table, a nice cross between your usual pool inflatable and a portable table.

You can go as small as just a circular tray for drinks or an entire table with segmented slots for drinks, foods, and even playing cards.

9. Hot Tub Covers

For the times in which you aren’t using your hot tub, you’re going to want to keep that tub of water clean.

While we recommend cycling out the water now and then, there are times when you just want to keep the water in for a whole day without getting leaves or other things falling in.

10. Outdoor Umbrellas

The last thing you’ll want while you are relaxing is the weather (literally) raining on your parade. If you have a friend who has an outdoor spa or sauna, you’ll want to consider getting them an outdoor umbrella to keep them from sudden changes in the elements.

Think about it, you’re always thankful when someone hands you an umbrella during a downpour. Wouldn’t you want to do the same for a friend?

11. Good Quality Towels

A good towel is often underappreciated as a commodity in the household. This goes double for those who own saunas and hot tubs, as cheaper towels can lack the absorption needed for comfort and generally don’t last very long.

Good towels not only have top-quality absorption and durability but come with additional features like anti-bacterial coating and quick-drying technologies.

12. Massagers

Massages and spas are such a match that it’s almost impossible to think of one without thinking of the other. While there is a myriad of high-tech and expensive machine-assisted massagers out there, we also appreciate the quality that you can get from something simple like a wooden foot massager.

These tools are relatively easy to use, require no electricity, and won’t face any damage in heat or when splashed on with water – a perfect gift idea for those who have relaxation in mind.

13. Bucket and Ladle

As far as sauna accessories go, a sauna bucket and ladle are a mainstay in any room.

While Jacuzzi® Saunas use infrared technology to heat the room hygienically and efficiently, a good heat-resistant bucket and ladle remain incredibly helpful in regulating your body temperature during long periods in a sauna.

Experienced sauna enthusiasts know that good buckets and ladles can last a long time (and look pretty good as a design piece as well).

14. Bathing Suits

While some people enjoy being in their birthday suits in their private spa and sauna, some people enjoy being a bit more covered when relaxing.

For these individuals, we suggest gifting cute bathing suits, such as these Lululemon shorts for men or Aerie swimsuits for women.

15. Body Brushes

A handy benefit that saunas have is their rich exfoliating effects on the skin.

To further enhance these effects, many spa and sauna fans highly recommend having a sturdy body brush as part of their spa and sauna accessory toolkit.

These brushes, usually made of bamboo and horsehair, are a great way to gently remove dead skin while massaging your skin.

16. Sauna Pillows and Covers

Cushioning is a key aspect of getting comfortable everywhere, so sauna owners should endeavor to get the right type of cushioning for their sauna.

We recommend getting a combination of sauna pillows and seat covers to properly protect the seats while adding a little more cushioning and character to the sauna.

17. Backrests

Spending an hour sitting straight up will put most to exhaustion, even if it is in a sauna room.

Help your friends and loved ones out by getting them a sturdy backrest for longer periods in the heat.

18. Light Weights

Health and exercise are just as important as relaxation for maintaining a good overall physique.

Some long-time sauna and spa users swear by using light weights during intermittent sessions to build muscle and flexibility.

19. Bluetooth Wireless Speakers

Friends and loved ones who own a sauna, hot tub or swim spa should be able to play whatever tune is matching their mood – whether it would be jazz, world music, or R&B.

To help ensure a long-lasting and better-quality experience, you may want to opt for a waterproof or water resistant Bluetooth speaker, to help prevent damage if moisture is in the air.

20. Sauna Hats

Lastly, Sauna hats are a relatively popular, if not uncommon, gift of choice for those with saunas in their home.

Though a bit silly-looking, these sauna hats are an efficient and lightweight way to reduce heat build-up on your head, as this part of your body heats up the fastest during sauna sessions.

Finding the Perfect Gift with Aqua Paradise

Did you enjoy our list of gift ideas for that person in your life who owns a spa and/or sauna?

If you’re curious about being a sauna and spa owner yourself, you should head over to Aqua Paradise and check out our large collection of saunas, swim spas and hot tubs.

Our team of experts can help you figure out what product would be best for you, just click here to get started.


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